Is My Content SEO-Ready?

When Google decides what to show people looking for a service or professional in their community, the search giant’s algorithms look at a number of factors. Quality content can help improve your chances of being on that coveted first page of a search engine results page. How do you get your content SEO-ready?

Preparing Your Webpages

First, let’s look at the copy itself. You should never use templated content or “borrow” copy from other places. Each page should be original, well-written, and error free. Break up the text with headers and always include a call-to-action, which is basically a place to include local keywords, cities, and contact information. Make sure your headers and text also contain long tail keywords. You should include internal and external links to related webpages within your website and blog as well.

Dental Blog Posts

Blogging is an excellent means of improving SEO, providing Google’s bots with a steady stream of new content to crawl and index, which can help your position on a search engine results page. As with webpages, each post should be original and well-written. Even if you tackle subjects you have previously, write a new post and don’t copy or re-share a prior one. Include keywords, links, headers, and a call-to-action. If you need help blogging, remember that we employ a team of dedicated copywriters that create original and personalized content for our clients.

Contact Information and Reviews

Did you know that Google will often pull from your website to complete your Google My Business listing? Make sure your contact information (name, phone number, address) are accurate. In addition, we can help you claim your Google My Business listing as well. You should also consider adding links to your social media pages, including Facebook and Google+, and encourage people to leave reviews there (especially on your Google page). These steps can also help improve SEO.

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