Is My Social Media Presence Active Enough?

We always urge our clients to set up and maintain social media accounts. In fact, we can help with this process, overseeing posts and more. However, clients often wonder if their social networks are active enough. What is the purpose of social media for dentists and how do you know if you’re accounts are active enough?

Facebook, Instagram, and More

There are two ways to judge your social networking activity: looking at traffic to your website and activity on individual posts. Most people look at the posts, how many likes, comments, or shares they get. While these are important metrics, you want engagement after all, the more important metric is the traffic to your website. More than anything, you want people seeing your posts and heading to your website to read more and hopefully, schedule a visit. While your activity may seem minimal, if the content is leading to more visits to your website, then you have a successful strategy!

The Social Media Kit

One issue for dental practices is time. The dentist, hygienists, assistants, and office staff are incredibly busy and often don’t have time to create new content for social networks. In order to help, we offer clients with a monthly SEO package a free kit, which includes three posts per week every month. Some are related to dentistry, others to holidays or special events, all designed to start a conversation. If you don’t have a monthly SEO package, but would like to try the kit, we can offer if it for only $99 a month.

We can Help!

Do you have questions about your social media presence, or about how social networks can help SEO? Then give our team a call! We are here to help your dental practice grow and succeed. You can call us at the number below or contact us via email!

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