It’s Not Too Late To Prepare For 2018!

Even though we’re in the first week of December, it isn’t too late to prepare for 2018. You can still create an effective marketing plan for the coming year. We would be glad to help, whether that means setting up an appointment (for current clients) or offering a complimentary consultation to outline your 2018 plan (for non-clients). We’re also offering website transfer services and SEO updates if you’re happy with your current design, but not your current customer service!

Let’s Talk About 2018

If you’re a current client, then please give us a call! We would love to sit down with you and discuss possible changes to your marketing plan in the coming year. If you are not a current patient, but need help with SEO or your marketing plan, then contact us. We’re currently offering a complimentary consultation, during which we will look at your website, social media, and online presence to see what changes will be needed to improve your plan. We will also create a free list of action items for you and your tea to proceed with. If you want to work with us to implement these changes, then you can choose form one of our three monthly SEO packages.

Website Transfer Services

In some cases, we meet dentists that are happy with their current website, but not so pleased with the customer service they’ve received, or their SEO results. Fortunately, we can help with our website transfer services and SEO updates. We will transfer your website and leave it intact. However, we will update your SEO and online marketing strategy, helping your practice grow. If you have any questions or concerns about preparing your practice for 2018, then give us a call!

Do you have questions about preparing for 2018? Looking for new ways to help your practice grow? Then contact us today and let us help! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at [email protected], or give us a call at 972-781-8861!