Let Your Website Breathe A Little!

mdpm-designMaking a good first impression with a great website design is crucial because your website is often a person’s first impression of you and your practice. We’ve discussed several different design options in past blog posts, but today we’re going to talk a little bit about letting your website breathe a little. Every design needs to know how to make use of empty, or white, spaces, which can make your website more appealing.

What is White Space?

White space refers to the negative space in any design or composition. These empty areas should never be considered wasted space. As we will see, these portions are essential for two reasons: they help people quickly process the information they see; and they help create an esthetically pleasing website experience.

How Do I Incorporate This Into My Design?

When every portion of your website is filled with pictures or text, the design can look overloaded. Your eyes aren’t sure where they need to focus and your brain can become fatigued from trying to process it all. However, incorporating white space can direct the eyes to key information and make the website as a whole much more appealing.

Do You Need Help?

Do you need help knowing when to incorporate negative space, or with other aspects of your web design? Give us a call! We employ talented graphic designers who will help create a design that reflects your sensibilities and your approach to dentistry. If you have any questions or concerns, simply contact our team today. Remember, MDPM is here to help!

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