Long Keyword Phrases May be Good

Your potential patients may search for long keyword phrases. By long keyword phrases, I’m not talking about long tail keywords as it relates to long lists of long keyword phrases for website optimization. No, what I’m referring to has to do with blogs, not websites.

Two examples that ended in sales.

1) A woman searching for someone to repair her sink typed in this sentence: My bathtub has a rusted overflow. Can it be repaired? The Striking Image (a bathtub resurfacing contractor) blogsite came up on the page-one Google results because of a testimonial that mentioned repairing a bathtub’s rusted overflow. The woman called Striking Image and booked the job.

2) A woman searching for help with her blog typed in: I need a blog for my dental practice. Two MDPM blogs came up in the page-one Google results. We got the call and closed the deal.

In example one, note that the the contractor is local, yet the customer did not use a town in her keyword search. Google knows where people are when they search. It’s all a part of Google Local. Striking Image is in the same vicinity as the customer, and Google intuitively knew this, thus the results were local.

From this, dentists can take away a few key findings. One, you don’t have to include your cities and towns in all blogs any longer. Most dental office serve local patients, and Google results will pull up local results. Two, all of your original content on the Internet is important. The more content, the better. From testimonials to blogs, keep your content thick online, and you’ll do well in the Google results.