Make 2018 The Year You Focus On Community

Local SEO is about more than proper keyword use and link building strategies. You also need to be engaged with your community. Doing so not only improves your spot on a SERP, but can also make people in your city more likely to see you for their dental care. What can you do to make 2018 the year you focus on community?

Community Blogs and Social Media Posts

The first place to start is online. Set aside a few blogs posts a month to focus on the community. You can talk about upcoming events, highlight accomplishments by residents, or spread the word about a new business in town. Then, be sure to share these posts on social media. People may be more willing to like, share, or comment on posts related to the town or residents, which helps introduce your practice to their circle of friends as well.

Promotions and Events

You can also start a promotion, for example, we had a client that offered a dinner for two in a drawing, he dinner was at a local restaurant. You help promote a local business while also encouraging people to interact with your practice online. You can also take part in local events, such as fairs, or by reading a story/talking about oral health at an elementary school. The more active you become, the more people in town can put a face to the practice’s name, and the more comfortable they may feel making an appointment.

We can help!

Not sure where to start? We’ve helped clients improve their community outreach and also create promotions to encourage visits and positive reviews. If you have any questions or concerns about being an active member of your city, then please give our team a call. Remember, we’re here to help your practice grow in 2018.

Do you have questions about maintaining an active community presence in 2018? Looking for new ways to help your practice grow? Then contact us today and let us help! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at [email protected], or give us a call at 972-781-8861!