Marco. Polo. Facebook Places.

You know Facebook. You know how to play Marco Polo in the swimming pool. So using Facebook Places will be a cinch.

The most common comment I hear about Facebook Places is, “Why on earth would I want to do that?” Because Marco Polo and tag are fun, especially at work. Check it out:

Imagine yourself at the Chicago Midwest Dental Conference. Your partner couldn’t make it, so it’s just you and your bags. You’re looking for your peeps (colleagues), but the convention center is huge and crowded. You could call them, but it’s loud. Will they hear their phone? You could text them, but do you have time?

If you check in, they will come.

Then you remember this article. You have a Facebook account and smart phone. So with one hand (the other is holding the door for a gaggle of luggage-lugging, wide-eyed interns), you check in with Facebook. All of your friends, fans, and followers are alerted of your location.

If you check in, they will come.

You tag a few FB friends you’d like see at event by using the @ symbol. Then you notice that the Facebook People Here Now feature says your old college pal is at the convention, too. You also see the name of a speaker you’ve always wanted to meet, and he’s in the building right now.

If you check in, they will come.

“Well, that was pretty awesome,” you say to yourself. As you turn toward the real-life check-in, there’s your friend from college, with the speaker you want to meet.

“Hey, Bob, I saw that you were here on Facebook. Great to see you, buddy! I want to introduce you to my friend… He’s also a great golfer.”

You might also read this CNNTech article. It explains how to change your privacy and alert settings on Facebook Places.