MDPM Consulting Hosts 2016 Writers’ Workshop

fullsizerenderEach year, MDPM Consulting hosts a writers’ workshop. Today, our copywriters will gather at the office to discuss their work, what steps can be taken to improve their copy, and how we’ll be approaching blogs and website copy in the new year. This year, we have a lot planned for our workshop, and a number of guests to help make it a fun and educational experience for our team members.

Our 2016 Retreat

The goal of our retreat will be emphasizing creativity. Being creative with copy–whether for a dental practice or a photography website –is essential for creating blogs and websites that people enjoy reading. In addition, unique and original content is often recognized by Google, which can have a positive impact on web rankings. We will be looking at a variety of ways to improve writing voice and content.

Special Guests

We will be having two special guests at our retreat. One of our clients, Dr. Brent Cornelius, will join our team for lunch. In addition, improv performer Emily Baudot will give an interactive presentation to help our writers think creatively and hopefully, incorporate the new skills and knowledge they gain into our clients’ blogs and websites.

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