MDPM Consulting Hosts Student Art Gallery!

Recently, MDPM Consulting hosted an art gallery for the work of local student artists. We converted our office into a gallery so students at Byron Nelson High School could display a wide variety of art in different mediums. We were very proud to be able to take part in this wonderful opportunity to give young artists a chance to showcase their work!

Byron Nelson High School’s Student Art Gallery

We partnered with Byron Nelson High School teachers April Heffley, Mark Fisher, and Cassandra Stackis, to transform our office into an art gallery christened South Side Noveau. The gallery hosted over 70 pieces of art from students in grades 9th through 12th. The young artists enjoyed their first gallery experience, with friends and family stopping by for the South Side Noveau event.

MDPM Consulting is located in the historic South Side On Lamar building, which has long been a beacon for local artists since undergoing major renovations 15 years ago. While setting up their gallery, the students also had a chance to tour the building and visit several artists’ lofts.

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