MDPM Offers Optimized Content Marketing

If you’ve been reading our blog posts, you probably know how important Google is to search engine optimization (SEO). Google and other popular search engines know that they must crack down on spam and black hat SEO tactics to deliver relevant and factual search results to their Internet users. SEO and content marketing have quickly replaced yellow pages advertising. In some cases, Internet marketing is favored over television, radio, and print advertising, too.

New SEO Changes

Search engines, particularly Google, are constantly updating their algorithms. At the end of last month, Google announced that they will launch another crackdown on black hat SEO tactics, spammers, and keyword stuffing. For this reason, Google will generously reward websites and blogs with high-ranking search engine results if they are filled with fresh, original copy and expertly placed keywords. Fortunately, Modern Dental Marketing’s optimized content marketing strategies have always emphasized the importance of original copy and white hat optimization.

Optimized Content Marketing for Dentists

Optimized Content Marketing involves understanding and balancing the importance of social media, Google, original content marketing, and organic search. The business to business marketing world is slowly catching on to the importance of content marketing. In fact, many large corporations are expanding their content marketing budgets in anticipation of these new search engine changes. As Google continues to roll out new changes, blogging and updating dental website copy will become more important. A blog with regular posts, original copy, and material relevant to keywords delivers everything that search engines need to index your site.

Unfortunately, many SEO marketing firms promise results they cannot deliver, do not keep up with the latest SEO changes, or are too big to really give their clients the attention they deserve.  The gurus at MDPM know how to drive organic traffic to your dental websites and dental blogs with favorable SEO tactics and fresh, unique content. If you’re ready for optimized content marketing that includes dental website building and a blog, contact Jill at (972) 781-8861. Feel free to e-mail us at [email protected], too.