More SEO Hype: What Dentists Need to Know

Yesterday, we discussed the different ways that SEO salesmen and web marketing companies overcomplicate basic SEO principles. Many techies like to make SEO seem more complex than it really is. Overcomplicating SEO is just a contrived sales tactic. Your friends at Modern Dental Practice Marketing dispel more SEO myths for our clients below.

Know that no one can guarantee top SEO results

SEO salesmen and large Internet marketing firms typically promise first page search results within a certain time frame. While white hat SEO methods typically produce great results, they cannot be guaranteed within a finite period of time. We recommend that dentists politely decline any services from a firm that promises top results.

Watch out for black hat SEO tactics

In the SEO world, Internet marketers typically fall in two categories. White hat SEO techies are the good guys who follow the rules. White hat SEO methods produce long-lasting results and are certainly favored by Google and other popular search engines. Black hatters tend to bend the rules to produce quick results. As search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated, indexing spiders normally detect black hat tactics quickly. Some popular black hat methods include stuffing hidden keywords into a web page or cloaking pages to trick indexing spiders. If search engines, especially Google, detect black hat tactics, your dental website could be black listed. JC Penny and BMW Germany had websites penalized for deceptive SEO practices.

Understand that time does matter with SEO

Building a solid web presence takes time. More than likely, your dental website or microsite won’t appear on the first page of results over night. Google noticing and approving of your website takes time. If your dental website and dental blog contain relevant information, proper keyword density, original content, and active updates, Google will reward you with high rankings.

Modern Dental Marketing stays up to date with the latest SEO changes and offers optimized content marketing to help your dental practice establish a favorable web presence. To discuss your SEO and marketing needs, call Jill at (972) 781-8861 or e-mail us at [email protected].