MDPM: Top Dental Marketing Questions and Awesome Answers – Part 3

This is the third part of our series on common FAQs — and awesome answers. Feel free to add your own comments and stories to the posts, or if you want more info, just email [email protected].

1)      Thursday! How does a new dental practice get a foothold in an area where there are many dentists?

2)      Friday! How does a dentist get started building a website? Are there templates?

3)      Today! Can you suggest a good dental blog to read and follow?

Can you suggest a good dental blog to read and follow?
This is not a set up for a commercial, I promise. Sure, I want you to read and follow the Modern Dental Practice Marketing Blog and, but there are other great blogs out there. Consider first what you are most interested in. Do you want to learn about scientific and technological dental developments, or are you looking for business advice? Over the years, I’ve written for quite a few dentistry blog publications, both in print and online. To get fodder for my articles, I’ve surfed the Internet intensely. Here are a few of my favorite blogs about various dental topics: – Dental Business Tips from Consultant Mayer Levitt – IT Stuff from Lorne Levine – IT Stuff from Dr. Larry Emmott – Dentistry News & Dental Marketing – Teeth, Tech, and Truth – General Dental News and Info – All Things Dentistry – Dental Science