Micro Dental Websites and Dental Blogs for Competitive SEO Rankings

In addition to a dental website written with original content, blogs and micro dental websites are invaluable to dentists looking to expand their web presence. As search engines are quickly replacing the need for yellow pages listings, more dentists throughout the country are realizing the benefits of establishing a strong presence on the web. Last week, Modern Dental Practice Marketing discussed the many benefits of building and writing a dental practice website. Like dental websites, blogs and micro dental websites also contain original copy, search engine optimization, and keyword density. However, blogs and micro websites offer additional SEO benefits that a dental website may not provide.

Dental Blogs

Google and other popular search engines treat blogs as news. If you publish a blog on the web with original content and adequate keyword density, it can show up in search engine results in about 24 hours. Blogs also drive traffic to various pages of your dental website with expertly placed hyperlinks throughout each blog post. Additionally, active blogs will also help establish your reputation as an expert in your area.

Micro Dental Websites

Micro dental websites focus on a specific area of dentistry and are typically informative in nature. Do you offer oral appliances to address sleep apnea or TMJ disorders? If you offer a specialized service that you would like to market, a micro dental website is a practical and effective way to target specific demographics in your area. A micro dental website can feature blog posts to attract Google’s attention, too. If you have a keyword dense micro site along with an active blog, you increase your chances of achieving local expert status and high SEO rankings.

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