Mobile-Friendly Websites Are The Future

mdpm-mobile-friendlyWhen you have a website built for your practice, you may assume most people will access it on their laptops or desktops. For years these were the primary places to surf the web and look up businesses or dental practices. However, times have changed and with them, so has the importance of a mobile-friendly site. Without one, your SEO and ability to attract new patients may suffer.

Most People Use Smartphones for Web Searches

By 2014, 60 percent of online searching was done with a smartphone. That was two years ago and in that time the number has only increased. According to Pew Research, over two thirds of the nation currently own a mobile device with internet access. These two studies make one thing clear: The odds are that most people who view your site will do so via a smartphone. So, what do you think will happen if your site is difficult to read and navigate on a mobile device?

A Non-Responsive Site Turns People Away

Let’s take a look back. In the bygone days of 2012, Google conducted a study that showed a few interesting facts. First, over 74 percent of people were more likely to return to a mobile-friendly site. Second, if a site wasn’t compatible on a mobile device, 61 percent were likely to leave. Those numbers are overwhelming. Since the use of smartphones has increased since 2012, the numbers of people expecting a mobile compatible site has also increased.

Google Factors-in Mobile-Friendliness

There are multiple elements that Google’s algorithms factor in when ranking a website. With the rise of smartphone use, mobile-friendliness has become one of them. By not updating your website or having it built to respond to smartphones and tablets, you can be losing potential clients. If you have questions about redesigning or building your site, contact our office today.

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