Natural SEO in a Dental Marketing Strategy

seo domainsSEO, these days, involves much more than metadata and keywords on your dental practice website. In fact, Google doesn’t even read meta keywords on websites any longer! The world of SEO involves every bit of online presence related to a dentist, from websites, microsites, and blogs to social profiles, comments, incoming links, articles, and patient reviews.

The core of organic SEO lies in how a site is built and the content placed on it. Ideally, your web company will design a custom dental website that appeals to search engine spiders, such as those belonging to Google. Factors like clean code, original text, internal links on keyword phrases, use of jQuery or HTML5 instead of Flash, metadata, and alternate image text contribute to an SEO-friendly website. Built with these elements, when a site map is submitted to Google, the website should do well on search. Of course, website upgrades, like home upgrades, increase value. As you add pages of original text, your website will become more and more valuable, meaning it will rank higher and for more keyword phrases on Google.

How does organic SEO work? When you submit a sitemap to Google, or when Google’s spiders happen upon your website, the spiders inject your code into Google’s algorithm. This long and secret algorithm tells Google how your website should come up in search engine results pages (SERPs). The factors mentioned above, from clean code to original content, appeal to search engine spiders and will influence higher Google SERPs rankings. When your site’s pages come up in Google SERPs, a user simply clicks your site’s URL and description, and he is redirected to your webpage. With a natural SEO strategy, you do not pay Google every time your indexed pages are clicked on by end users. On the contrary, your investment is in the building of your website. Use bricks and mortar instead of sand and twigs, and your site will thrive on Google SERPs long term.

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