What are you thankful for?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I started thinking of things I am thankful for. Below is a list I came up with in just a few minutes and I could not help but smile.  Take time to list all the things you value and it just might give you a different outlook on the day, as well as your life!

  • Children
  • Sisters
  • Brothers
  • Pizza
  • Ice cream
  • The first snowfall of the season
  • Coffee
  • The last day of school
  • New sheets
  • Thunderstorms
  • Chocolate
  • Grandparents
  • Pillows
  • Rainbows
  • Dogs
  • Strawberries
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Cats
  • Neighbors
  • A Walk in the woods
  • Tree Frogs
  • Good Health
  • Books
  • Afternoon naps
  • Good friends
  • The Beatles
  • Hugs
  • Today…

Simple Online Dental Marketing Evaluation

What has worked for you in 2010? Have you spent your marketing dollars wisely? Have you seen a good ROI (return on investment)?

Based on years of working with dentists, combined with what we know to be the most cost effective form of marketing, we’ve developed an online dental marketing assessment for you. This online form will make you think about what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what your plans should be for the coming year.

Click Here for the Dental Marketing Evaluation

Feel free to use the evaluation as a guide for planning, or, if you have questions, just call Jill at 972-781-8861.

In addition to building blog websites, writing blogs, and managing the online presence for dentists, MDPM offers copywriting, graphic design, and PR services. We have a turnkey solution for efficient, completely managed e-newsletters and e-mail blast campaigns, as well. If you’re starting from ground zero, we can create your brand, logo, and professional image. If you’re ready to update your marketing efforts, we’ll consult with you about rewriting or recreating your website, updating your search engine optimization, adding a blog, and getting involved with social networking. A consultation is complimentary, so give us a call if you need assistance.

Blogging to Build Your Hygiene Department

Dental consultants say that your hygiene department should account for about 30% of your practice’s profits. How does yours measure up? If you aren’t at 30% or greater, your dental practice is one of the many that needs to improve in this area. I want to recommend that you use your blog in this effort.

How can blogging improve your hygiene department?

There are so many wonderful reports available to us today about the effect of gum disease on whole health. In addition, the mere fact that up to 80% of Americans have some level of gum disease means that education is imperative. Education can bring you new hygiene patients.

Consider asking your hygienist to post weekly, or even monthly, blogs about her real-life cases. She might write about a fearful patient who has not been to the dentist in years, and who found an ultrasonic cleaning to be the key to returning to regular dental care. She may post something about a child whose gums were affected by an asthma inhaler — or an elderly patient who lost teeth due to gum disease. She could post tips for homecare and reviews of oral care products. She could post news about dental hygiene research or new techniques used in your office. (more…)

The 3 Dimensions: Dental Practice Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Team Commitment

Think, for a moment, of your business having three dimensions: you and the company are one; the client is one; and your employees are one. All dimensions must be in focus. For each dimension, you need a goal or purpose. You and your employees work together with the goal of serving the client. Your practice mission and vision sheds light on this purpose – the purpose of serving the client. But you, as an employer, must also serve and manage your employees if the mission and vision are to be carried out. So, in addition to a mission and vision, you need a commitment to your employees.

Now let’s delve into definitions and samples.

A business’ mission statement should define the intent of the company.

  • Ask yourself, from your patient’s perspective, what does your practice do?
  • Use words that embody the emotion, integrity, and expertise that goes into your product.
  • Keep it simple and short.

The MDPM mission is…

To provide dental industry professionals with a creative, consistent, and highly visible online marketing presence.

A vision statement sheds light on what will happen when the mission is carried out.

  • Ask yourself, what’s the purpose of your mission? What’s the intended result?
  • Use words, again, that convey emotion and excellence.
  • And, again, keep it simple and short.

The MDPM vision statement is…

To increase our clients’ profits through effective online visibility. To extend superior customer service with responsive solutions that address each customer’s unique needs. Every client should be proud to say that MDPM is their marketing company.

At MDPM, our first priority is serving our clients to the best of our ability, but in order to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision, we must keep our employees happy, focused, and driven. It’s just a natural extension, to Jill and me, that after creating a mission and vision statement to address what we want to achieve for our customers, we create an employee commitment. Some experts refer to internal and external clients – internal being your employees. Both types of clients must be satisfied if your business is to thrive and succeed.

The MDPM employee commitment is…

To create an environment and provide opportunities that inspire wholistic development of the individual. Every employee should feel appreciated, welcome, and genuinely happy at work.

As mentioned in previous posts, Jill and I went on a retreat this weekend to do some important big-picture stuff. Though we’re a marketing firm, like a dental office, we needed to establish our mission and vision. Here at the MDPM blog, we get a ton of visitors looking at mission and vision statement advice, so I decided to share our experience with you. Let me also say, my advice to dentists, and the advice I apply to MDPM, is based on years of interviewing, writing for, and reading literature from the dental practice management leaders. I don’t begin to claim the advice as my own; it is my interpretation of the information I’ve been privy to from leaders in the industry.

If you want to discuss your mission, vision, and employee commitment, or if you have questions about how to attract patients who will appreciate your mission and vision, call MDPM today at 972-781-8861, or email us.

Be a Smart Dentist. Plan for 2011 Now!

Can you believe that January is less than two months away?!? Jill and I are going away to the lake this weekend to do some strategic planning for 2011. We thought you might want a little reminder that the year is almost over! Sure, you’re planning for the holidays, but what about the next quarter? What hasn’t worked for your practice in 2010? How will you change that for better business in 2011?

We aren’t Einstein, but we know dental marketing. So we created a dental practice marketing assessment that you might want to check out.


Hopefully it can help you nail down some solid marketing strategies for the new year. If you want to talk about your marketing plan, feel free to give me a call any time.

Have a great day!
Jill Duty

email me

Send Dental Promotions & Events to All Your Fans on Facebook

Ever wondered how to contact all of your Facebook fans at once? Wall posts can get buried or overlooked. And fans can block your content from their wall, which kind of stinks for you. What if you’re running a contest or promotion that you know your fans would love? How can you get the word out on Facebook?

Take heart <3!


Here’s how.

1. Go to your fan page

2. Under your logo on the left, click on Edit Page

3. In the left sidebar, click on the gold flag and Marketing

4. Now click on the fourth icon, the envelope and Send and Update

5. Now you can target the update to specific people or, if you don’t check the box, your update will go to all of your fans as a message

Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s one more secret. You can put your promotions on the Facebook calendar as an event! This would have been great to know for your Halloween Candy Buy Back, huh? Well, hindsight is 20/20. Here we go… (more…)

Aligning Generosity with Dental Marketing

Have you heard the term Generation G? It’s the marketing strategy that experts claim is highly effective in our faltering economy. Generation G stands for generosity and giving. The philosophy is, a business should show that it is interested and involved, loyal to the community that supports it. To a dentist, this type of marketing involves volunteering and community service.

Many dental practices participated in Halloween Candy Buy Back this past week. Just today, I read that Operation Freedom is weighing all the loot (candy) to send it to the troops. It’s great!

But I want you to think for a moment, what volunteer activity will appeal to your target market? If you see families and children, or if you provide orthodontic services to kids, Halloween Candy Buy Back is a great way to get local families to see your commitment to American troops. Your event could pull in new patients, families who need a general dentist. Another good opportunity for family dentists is to supply the area schools with free mouthguards for their athletes. You could speak on oral health at neighborhood schools and day cares, as well.

But what if your target market is cosmetics or implants or sleep apnea treatment? An event that draws young parents and children won’t be much help to your marketing strategy.

It’s time to regroup and think outside your little box. (more…)