Blog Commenting… What’s the Point?

It’s a great question. At first glance, commenting on a blog post seems kinda like throwing your two cents into a conversation where you don’t know the players. If you aren’t the type of guy or gal to butt into a conversation you weren’t invited to, you probably don’t post comments. In addition to feeling uninvited, commenting on a blog is a risk. You’re putting your name out there with your opinion…and what if you find out later that your opinion was wrong? If you throw in your two cents, will you have to eat your words?

Stop feeling scared or weird about posting comments. As long as you post kind responses, useful information, and gentle opinions, it’ll be fine. Never rant, berate, belittle, or fudge the truth.

If you follow the golden rule, commenting on dentistry or community-focused blogs is great—no SUPERB—for business. Here’s why:

  1. The comment can link back to your website
  2. The comment gets your name in front of people (great for publicity)
  3. The more comments you have out in cyberspace, the greater the SEO benefits
  4. Commenting can lead to mutually beneficial relationships (with patients, doctors, or industry professionals)
  5. When you post comments, people often reciprocate by posting comments on your blog… which looks great to visitors

“Well, that’s all fine and good,” you say, “but where do I find dental or community-focused blogs to comment on?”

Another great question. Here’s a great answer:

  4. On your Facebook Fan page

That should be enough to keep you busy for a while!

And if your next thought is, “Time, woman! I have no time!” then I’m glad you’re here. I’m also not offended that you referred to me as “woman.” I take it as a compliment. My dental copywriters and I would be happy to post comments on your behalf if you have an MDPM website blog. We’ll also setup and maintain the comments on your blog, as well as your Facebook account and local listings. It’s a sweet deal. We do it all. (more…)

Three Things You Didn’t Know about an MDPM Dental Blog

Let’s just cut to the chase. No need for an introduction. You have patients to see!

  1. If you have a blog on a page of your website already, your web developer can put an RSS feed from your MDPM dental blog onto that page. This may appear to be content duplication (a no-no per search engines), but it’s not. An RSS feed is not a duplication of content, but rather a syndication of content. Semantics? Not really. You’ll get the benefit of a separate, multiple-page blog website on its own domain AND syndication AND filling your website’s blog page with fresh content. Yay!
  2. Your blog can feed onto your Facebook Fan and/or profile page, your Twitter account, your LinkedIn account, and other social networks you’re involved with. Super simple. Keeps your social profiles filled with new content, even when you’re on vacation or at a convention!
  3. Your MDPM website blog can feature rotating photo galleries, multiple pages, polls, videos, and other cool features. Too cool. Too, too cool!

Call Jill at Modern Dental Practice Marketing today: 972-781-8861. She’ll be happy to chat with you, answer your questions, and tell you what we can do to help your Internet marketing efforts. Or you can email [email protected] with your questions.

We’re here to help…not just sell stuff. This blog is free, isn’t it? Your success is our success… and we’re in the business to make YOU smile!

Free Report: How to Make Facebook Work for Your Dental Practice

August 10, 2010 (Dallas, Tx): Dentists and dental office administrators can establish and maintain a successful Facebook Fan (Business) Page by following the advice in “How to Make Facebook Work for Your Dental Practice.” The no-cost report features practical tips that are easy to understand and follow. Three essential components of an effective plan for social networking are included.

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Computers for Marketing IN the Dental Practice

Don’t you love technology? Chairside monitors in the operatories let you show your patients digital images, like radiographs and smile previews. Patients can watch educational videos right in the dental chair. Then, in the front office, computers make filing and transferring records sooo much easier. Even submitting insurance claims is more convenient because of technology.

But what about marketing? Sometimes it may seem like technology has made marketing more difficult.

One struggle dentists face is with social marketing. Acquiring fans, followers, and subscribers can be nearly impossible, given the busy schedules that you and your patients maintain. And as for testimonials…who has time?

What if you used computers to make social networking
and testimonial submissions easy for your patients?

Here’s the concept.

Buy two laptops—the cheap ones that are under $300. (more…)

Read the Dental Products Report Web Exclusive This Week

We totally agree with everything this article says…because it’s written by Jill Duty (that’s me). Take a look, leave comments, and forward it to your peers.

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Facebook & Social Networking Tips for Dentists

  • The Facebook movie, The Social Network, will be in theaters this October.
  • America Has Talent is doing a show on the best of YouTube.
  • Tosh.0 has almost 1.5 million Facebook fans.
  • Half of all Americans use Facebook.

Listen, Doc, I don’t want to bring you down, but if you don’t see that social networking is deeply embedded in our culture; if you think it’s a fad that you’ve chosen to avoid; if you will not leverage social networking to market your dental practice…you are putting big steel walls around your practice’s potential growth.

And, thing is, just having a Facebook page won’t do the job.

On the Modern Dental Practice Marketing fan page this week, I’m sharing daily tips and insight about social networking and social marketing. I’m not sharing the tips on the MDPM Dentists page because I want to draw people to the fan page. Why? (more…)

The Dentist’s Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip

Here is a marketing idea you can implement by 10:00 Monday morning.  It is virtually free, and would only take about an hour of your time to set up.

The only catch is you have to act NOW!

As every new school year begins, local communities hold school supply drives.   A great way to get exposure for your practice, while serving your community, is to take part in the collection of these supplies.

Here are the 5 simple steps:

1) Call your local family services office or other charity and ask if they are doing a school supply drive.  Let them know you want to collect items for them at your office.  Regardless of how many collection spots they have or how close the first day of school is, they will gladly accept your help.  Ask them to email blast their donors that you are a designated collection spot.

2) Make a flyer to hang up in your office and email it to your patients. The local organization may already have a template.

3) Email your database of patients, post on FB, Twitter and on your Blog. Be sure to encourage others to pass the word along to their friends. If you are in a multi-tenant building, hang your flyers in the hallways and restrooms if possible.

4) Get a cardboard box to collect the donations. You can have your kids or your staff  decorate it for you. Somewhere near the box, have some of your business cards/marketing material available so donors are encouraged to learn more about your practice.

5) At the end of the drive, deliver the supplies. Make it a fun outing for your office, and take a camera along. When the drive is over, send out a big THANK YOU to everyone via email, FB, Twitter and your Blog.  You can also include a photo of yourself and your staff delivering the supplies.

Be sure to share any success stories with us at [email protected] We would love to share your results with our readers.  Pictures are welcome as well!

The Life of a Dental Blog Post

I often post about how wonderful blogs are for your dental marketing strategy. But what I’ve not yet told you is where blog posts go… Why are they so important?

Your blog posts last forever. They never die.

When we publish a post on your MDPM blog site, we include keywords in the text, then we assign tags that help search engines understand the purpose of the post. This is the birth of the blog.

Your post can be published to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. The announcement on these social networking sites will link back to the post on your blog website. This is the toddler stage of the blog. It’s beginning to talk, walk, and socialize. (more…)

The Dentist’s Target Market

Wondering where to start with a marketing strategy for your dental practice? You do not want to spin your wheels; your time is way too precious. Planning is important. So, to quote Disney’s 1951 rendition of Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice in Wonderland, “Well, start at the beginning, and when you get to the end…stop.” But we won’t stop at the end. We’ll keep going and going and going…

First, you need to know who you’re trying to attract. This group of people will be your target market. Keep in mind, consumers make purchases for three reasons: to meet basic needs, to solve problems, and to feel good.

Take a look at your current patient roster. If you want to bring in more patients like those you already have, then the roster will give you some great insight. Consider the age, gender, income, and city of residence. Know that mothers usually choose the family dentist, so, if you cater to families, go for the moms.

If you want to change the type of patients you serve, you have to determine who you want as patients. A good rule of thumb is, determine what you like to do and what is most profitable. Then find out who would purchase those services to meet their basic needs, solve problems, or feel good.

See how this works? It’s not rocket science, but it does take some thought!

Once you know who you want as patients, then look at the demographics of the community and surrounding cities your practice serves. Go to for your research. You need to make sure that the type of people you want as patients live in the area. If they don’t, you have two options: move your office or change who you want to serve. (more…)