Guest Blog: Deb Roberge on Hiring Dental Personnel

Why Hiring Dental Personnel is Such a NIGHTMARE!

It’s just a matter of understanding the dynamics and the systems that help to make the hiring process a successful and low stress activity.  My vast experience tells me that many employers just “miss the boat.”  Either they hire the wrong person for lack of systems and knowledge, or they let the right person go without even recognizing the skill sets and behavioral style that would fit with “their” practice culture perfectly. Here are some key points that will help you change your approach to hire:

  1. It’s important to be clear and know what you are looking for in an employee. Actually have it all spelled out on paper-put it together with the team.
  2. Conduct your proper due diligence and know your salary offering.
  3. Make sure the team is involved in the process along the way too.
  4. Know how to compose your ads and ask for what you want in an employee.
  5. Be prepared 100% before you start the process.
  6. Every step taken during the process should have a written support piece to back it up.
  7. The final hire does not mean all is complete, maintaining the new team member is also a vital component!
  8. Make sure you “watch what you say.” Asking the wrong questions legally can backfire on the interviewee. (more…)

Google Video Explains Search in Layman’s Terms

Ever wonder how search works? Spiders, engines, SEO, SERPs, keywords…what does it all mean?! You’re a dentist, and your job is helping people enjoy great oral health. We’re a website marketing company. My job is to market your dental practice on the Internet. You don’t have to know the details, just like I don’t have to know how to perform a root canal. All you need is the basics. So here you go…

At Modern Dental Practice Marketing, we’ll design your website blog or custom dental website. We’ll also create your social networking presence, then maintain it on your behalf. Then we’ll continue to promote your website online and help you come up with innovative, yet practical marketing ideas for your dental office. You don’t have to do keyword research, write blog posts, or understand Facebook. We have that covered. All you need to do is take care of the patients we bring you!

The Dentist’s Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip

Partner with the most influential persons in your community!

Who in your community knows all about their client’s families, love lives and secrets? Who knows who is getting married, starting a new job or dating a new beau? It’s hair dressers!

Hair dressers not only spend quality time with their customers, but they do so in an environment that is fun and friendly. Your hairdresser poses the perfect opportunity for you to get the word out about your services.

Consider asking the hairdressers at your salon if they will take part in a drawing with you. Ask them to collect business cards in a container that you provide so that you can sponsor a drawing for a free gift or discounted dental service. You can leave out some promotional material as well.

Don’t have a steady stylist? Grab a fruit tray or a box of muffins, drop in at a salon or spa near your office and offer to hold drawings for each other. They will certainly appreciate the free publicity they get as you promote their contest in your office, on Facebook and on your blog.

If the partnership goes well, you may even consider joining forces to host a makeover contest that will expand your promotional efforts.

Today’s Guest Blog: Hire the Best Person and Train for Dental Success

This blog was provided by Warschaw Learning Institute and written by Elaine Dickson. Let me know what you think!

Dr. Bill Sasser, a periodontist in Charleston, South Carolina puts it very simply.  “I don’t base my employee’s salary on the position, but on the person.  A good employee is worth everything, and a bad one is worth nothing.”  In dentistry as in many other businesses, all employees are not “created equal”.  Just because someone has more “experience” does not necessarily make them a better candidate than another person who has not worked in the field.

Limiting your hiring process by recruiting only those who have worked in dentistry can be very hazardous to practice growth, because you may not get what you are paying for.  Just because someone interviews well and has worked in a position for awhile, does not always mean they have been successful.  This depends on the person, and it’s the right combination of attitude, character traits, experience and personality that makes a truly valuable employee.  Experience is only one piece of the puzzle, and the question you must ask yourself is “what type of experience?”  Sometimes experience translates into bad habits that can encumber your progress and actually cause your practice to digress.

People make all the difference.  What good does it do to spend thousands of dollars on continuing education and implement practice management systems designed to insure effectiveness, when you do not have the right people to carry these systems out?   As a dentist/practice owner it is not humanly possible for you to perform chairside and oversee all of the administrative or even clinical systems of your practice at the same time. (more…)

Microsites Pack Power Punch for Dentists Online

Have you heard about microsites? Word’s getting around, so let me fill you in.

A microsite is a mini-website that supports and supplements a primary website.

In most cases, a microsite focuses on one service, though it may encompass an entire list of services. If you want more patients for Invisalign, dental implants, CEREC crowns, cosmetic dentistry, or other specific services, you should consider a microsite.

An MDPM blog website can function as a microsite that ranks well on search engines. Why go with a blog instead of a mini-website?

  • Blogs are considered news, so they get priority with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.
  • Google Caffeine tells us that fresh content is the future of successful SEO.
  • Blog websites can feature multiple pages, videos, images, and audio just like a regular website.
  • Blogs integrate with social media to keep a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or Twitter presence fresh and consistent.
  • The homepage of a website is the most important page for SEO. Blog websites usually feature a blog (news) on the homepage.
  • Blogs feature widgets, so adding an RSS feed, images, links, a search bar, and other cool tools is easy.
  • Editing, amending, or revising a blog post is also super simple.

So, as a microsite, a blog packs a power punch for SEO. (more…)

Common Questions about Modern Dental Practice Marketing

We’re often asked if we’ll do projects for businesses outside of dentistry. The answer is: Heck Yes! Take a peek at our portfolio, and you’ll see that half of MDPM’s clients aren’t dentists at all.

While we specialize in dental content because of our experience in the industry, our clients’ businesses range from home improvement to medical consulting to property management to religious instruction. Yeah, that’s a pretty wide range of clients. Few companies offer what MDPM does, and even fewer offer similar services for such a great price.

We’ve been asked if we host websites. The answer is no. We use the trusted resources available on the internet. WordPress, which we use for our blog websites, is free source software. Anyone can use it at no cost. WordPress offers 100 design templates, great add-ons (widgets), multiple pages, and customizable features. In addition, with WordPress, we can provide our clients with visitation statistics, as well as a free smart phone version of their blog. MDPM blogs are hosted with WordPress, as well.

Some folks want to know the difference between a blog and a custom website. This article explains the answer in detail. Check it out.

Why we recommend new blogs. To keep your costs low, and to take advantage of WordPress’ search engine optimization benefits, we prefer to create new blog websites for our clients, rather than just provide content for an existing blog. This allows us the freedom to do what we believe is best for your practice’s Internet marketing strategy. We’re in control of the blog’s success. We’ll purchase a good domain name, set up the blog website with a blog on the main page, and add other pages to describe your practice, team, and services. We always recommend that our clients keep their main website if they have one. A blog is great for SEO, but it is not a showcase site. It’s a workhorse. We’ll recommend that your blog’s visitors go to your main website for more detailed information about your office.

Will MDPM write blog content for my existing blog? Yes! We can’t promise that you’ll receive the same SEO benefits if we provide content for an existing blog. If your current blog is not on WordPress, and we provide content to your web company, they have to do some backend work to ensure the blog is indexed properly on search engines. In addition, if we only provide you with blog content, you’ll miss out on the extra promotional efforts we provide with the Extreme Internet Presence Package.

What else do we offer besides blogs? A lot. Visit our services page for more info. In short, we offer full-service Internet marketing, as well as community marketing. Branding, logo design, event planning and management, press releases, social networking, team training, and more…  You might also want to complete our free assessment while you’re here. It will help you, us, or a consultant analyze your current and past marketing program.

How Patients Want You to Answer the Phone in the Dental Office

This week’s guest blog is by dental consultant Dr. Mayer Levitt of Jodena Consulting. A former dentist himself, Mayer has helped tons of dental practices to achieve better profits, retention, and publicity since 1989. In this blog, he discusses some ideas for phone etiquette in the dental office. You can learn more ways to improve your practice by subscribing to Mayer’s blog.

When a potential patient calls your office, they have specific questions. Do you take their insurance? Are you accepting new patients? Does the doctor offer veneers? That potential patient expects you to answer questions quickly, fully, and with a friendly attitude. Try your very best never to say “no” or “I don’t know.” Memorize this line… “The best way that I can help you is…”

For instance: “The best way that I can help you is to check with our insurance coordinator and get back to you promptly.” Or: “The best way that I can help you is to speak with the doctor and return your call later today.”

Also, listen intently to the caller’s requests and comments. You might even make listening noises so that the patient knows you are engaged: “Tell me more,” or “uh –huh,” or “certainly.”

Always, always, always welcome customer complaints. Research tells us that if you can resolve a customer’s problem quickly and courteously, that patient will continue to do business with you and continue to refer patients. Never feel personally attacked or become confrontational. The patient is always right! (more…)

“I’m a Dentist with a Blog, But I Don’t Have Time to Write!”

You had the best intentions. So did I last January when I vowed to work out every day. But, alas, life gets in the way. If running your dental practice, taking care of your patients, and spending time with your family have kept you from creating the blog of your dreams, you need a ghost writer.

The dental copywriters at Modern Dental Practice Management have years of experience composing quality, search engine optimized content for dental websites. You can feel certain that the integrity of your practice and your name will be in the best of hands with MDPM.

In most cases, we create, promote, and write dental blogs. However, if you already have a WordPress blog, but you need a competent writer who understands dentistry and search engine optimization, we can help. Our dental blogs are 100% original for each client. We’ll write about the services, technology, and information you think is most important. In addition, our blogs include a relevant, high quality photo or image, so they’re visually appealing. Call Jill at MDPM today: 972-781-8861 or email [email protected].

For more information:

  • Visit our Portfolio
  • Read “Why Blog?”

The Dentist’s Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip

Friday Night Lights

With the start of school, so starts the high school and college football season.  This provides an excellent opportunity for you to use your blog to attract members of your community to become regular readers.  In addition to providing valuable and educational information regarding dental health, your blog is a way to let your community know what is going on.  In short, you can act as their online local newspaper.

Here are some ideas to get started with your community posts:

  • Post the season football schedules for the local high schools and colleges.
  • Have a Monday morning blog discussing the highlights of the previous game.  (You may even have a patient or staff member who would love to pen this article.)
  • Highlight a team or individual that receives an award or other type of recognition.  If any of them are your patients, be sure to mention that as well.
  • You can follow any sport or academic event, not just football.  Don’t forget cheerleading, basketball, performing arts and, of course, the glee club! (more…)