When Dentists Should–and Should Not–Use Facebook

Building a beneficial social networking presence for your (Dallas or Fort Worth area) dental practice takes time. You’ll need to invest in your Facebook account or hire someone like MDPM to do it for you.

That said, many dentists have unrealistic expectations of what Facebook can do for their marketing program. Understand:

  • Facebook wil not have much return on investment (ROI).
  • Facebook posts are not read by search engines like Google and Yahoo.
  • Facebook posts do not help with your website’s search engine rankings.
  • You will not get many fans who are not already patients of your practice.

If that busted your bubble, don’t stop reading yet. Facebook can be beneficial to your dental practice marketing if you’re interested in building a unique culture—an inviting, friendly, personal, relationship-building reputation.

In a recent USA Today article, Jeff Livingston of the Irving, Texas practice, MacArthur OB-GYN, hit the nail on the head. He said:

“If you go back two generations, doctors came to your house. They lived in your community. They probably went to the same church…what we’re really doing is going back and creating a more personal experience with technology.” (more…)

Assess Your Dental Marketing Strategy with MDPM’s Free Evaluation

How do you measure success? Personal happiness? A profitable business? Admiration from your peers, employees, community, and family? All of these are important, and all can be improved if your business—your dental practice—is going like gangbusters.

So, how do you evaluate your marketing strategy?

At MDPM, we provide a free evaluation. All you have to do is download the MDPM Marketing Evaluation, complete it, and email it to [email protected] We’ll analyze the assessment and provide a complimentary consultation to discuss your custom MDPM Program. If your dental practice is in the North Texas area (Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville, Keller, Mid Cities, or nearby), we can schedule an appointment to meet you in person and have a thorough discussion face-to-face. No strings attached.

The MDPM marketing evaluation reviews key components, from Internet marketing to community marketing to promotions, advertising, retention programs, and staff training. We’ll look at what you’ve done to date, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and how to kick your strategy into high gear.

The dental marketing evaluation is free, so even if you don’t contact us, it may help you. Check it out, and let us know when you’re ready to move past monkey and straight to success!

Should Dentists Twitter? Should They Facebook?

The short answer is, “If your clientele will use it.” Just know that most dentists don’t use social networking in the most advantageous way…and the ROI can be very low. However, social networking with your current patients can and does project the image of a progressive dental practice with a friendly staff who like their jobs. That said, do not put all of your proverbial eggs in one little Internet basket.

FACT: Facebook and Twitter won’t help your website’s SEO strategy. They’re blocked from search engines. Good, solid SEO copywriting and keyword rich blogs will help your Google rankings.

In the hierarchy of marketing, here’s how I recommend you prioritize:

  • Community marketing
  • Retention and referral programs
  • Practice promotions
  • Optimized website and blog
  • Social networking

Social networking and blogging take time, as do successful practice promotions and community marketing. If you want to chat about your current marketing strategy and find out how the Modern Dental Practice Marketing Program can help your practice find success, call me.

I’m Jill, and I’ve been in the dental marketing field for four years, the copywriting field for eight years, and the promotional marketing field for 12 years. I know dentistry, and I know dental patients. Even better, I know how to attract and retain the demographic who will become your best and most faithful patients. With the MDPM team of experts, your practice can get on the fast track to growth.

Hey, Dentist… Which is More Important: Web or Community Marketing?

Why do you have to choose? Truth is, both types of marketing could really boost your patient base—and retention—in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. And never forget, the whole point is to leave an impression! Tried and true, good ol’ boy advertising does not appeal to the younger generation…the technical gurus who invest money in their health and appearance.

So let’s look at the balancing act between Internet and community marketing for dentists:

Internet Marketing for Dentists

  • Web marketing should start with a website that ranks well on Google for the keywords your potential patients most often use.
  • Beyond that, social networking, like Facebook and Twitter can be beneficial. However, you and your team have to use these resources correctly. Just posting random thoughts on a Facebook Fan Page and Tweeting about an article you read won’t effectively promote your dental practice. At MDPM, we offer one-on-one coaching for you and your team, so you can learn how to fit social networking into your schedule and get the most pop for your posts. There’s a simple formula that’s easy to manage, and you’ll find it highly effective.
  • You’ll also need a blog that feeds onto your Facebook page. The blog should be updated with keyword-rich, relevant posts at least once a week. The MDPM dental copywriters can make posts on your behalf, or I can teach you and your team how to write solid blog posts that appeal to dental patients and search engine spiders.

That’s a synopsis of web marketing for dentists. But when you consider that the Internet is international and your practice is local, you can see that community promotions are a necessary component to an effective dental practice marketing strategy—particularly in North Texas towns, like Keller, Colleyville, Southlake, Grapevine, Murphy, and Frisco. We’re in Texas, and what rules Friday nights? Football. That’s right. (more…)

Dental Marketing: Moving Past Monkey

Is your marketing plan based on a monkey-see, monkey-do philosophy? Do you hear about things like Facebook, blogs, and branding, and think, Wow. I really need to get in on that!

In truth, you do need to get in on it. But copying the marketing tactics of other dental practices won’t get you to the top.

Take this quiz… Just say yes or no.

  • I advertise in the phone book.
  • I have a website, but I don’t update it.
  • I don’t have a blog.
  • I don’t have a practice Facebook Page.
  • I don’t know how to use social networking.
  • I’ve never had a successful marketing event.
  • I don’t have the time or money to hire a marketing person.
  • My practice doesn’t have a brand.
  • My patients use the Internet and smart phones.
  • I’d like to increase my patient base and my retention rate.

If you answered “yes” to any of these points, it’s time to move your marketing plan past monkey.

“But,” you say, “I don’t have time to deal with this.” I know! Just running your dental office, you wear many hats: managing doctor, human resources manager, marketing manager, customer service director, and more… and at some point, you’d like to spend time with your family.

What’s the solution?

Outsource the marketing director position for your practice. You’ll save money and–with Modern Dental Practice Marketing–get results. With many years of experience in marketing and dental copywriting, I will leverage  technology and networking to grow your business. We’ll start with a custom marketing plan that includes excellent web, print, and promotional components tailored to fit your one-of-a-kind dental practice. Then, while you work for your patients, I’ll work for your business.

It’s this kind of strategy that will get you ahead–and keep your practice growing for years to come.

Welcome to Modern Dental Practice Marketing. While you’re on the website, take a look around to see what we have to offer.

Want to talk? Have questions? Call 940.395.5115 to schedule a consultation in the Fort Worth area. There’s no obligation. I’ll personally  interview you about your practice goals and current marketing plan, then provide a practical and affordable strategy to move your marketing strategy past monkey and straight to success!