Client Feature: Family Dental Corner

Friday is our holiday season! That’s because every Friday we get ourselves in the giving mood. We want to give a shout out to one of our amazing clients each week, because we’re so fortunate to be able to work with so many outstanding dentist offices from across the country. This week, we’re giving a nod to a new client of ours. We often do site redesigns or builds for our clients. In this case however, we’re working with a client on SEO for their website. This week’s feature is for Richmond, TX service provider, Family Dental Corner! (more…)

2019 Could Bring Technology Updates That Impact Your SEO

As the next year approaches, you should start thinking about what you can do to prepare for the changes 2019 will bring. When it comes to marketing your practice online, there are changes that can affect you that seem out of your control. For instance, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, your ranking on search engines can be hurt. This is one example of how changes in technology and user expectations can impact you, but there are others, and new concerns can certainly arise in the next year. Because we pay attention to the different factors that can impact your online presence, we can help you avoid trouble, and sustain better SEO as you continue to promote yourself through your website. (more…)

It’s Time To Start Thinking About Your SEO Strategy For 2019

While we all love taking a little time to relax around the holidays, the start of a new year means facing potential new challenges. If you want to maintain successful SEO efforts, you need to look for ways to stay on top of changes that can affect your online visibility. Of course, the trouble people face is that those changes can arrive unexpectedly, and they can be hard to predict. Search engine algorithms in particular can be updated with frustrating frequency, making it hard to settle on a plan for maintaining your web traffic. We stay informed on changes that have the potential to affect a site’s ability to reach people, and we can help you respond swiftly when something happens.  (more…)

Developing Personal Content for Social Media

As a business owner, if you aren’t operating and maintaining social media pages for your business, it’s time to explore this option! Creating a community where clients and customers can find you and engage with your product or service — that’s an incredible asset for any business to have. If you do have social pages up and running for your business, you know the value of personal content. When content feels personal and relatable, it traffics better, more eyes see it, and it may even land in front of people who didn’t know about your business beforehand. It also helps clients and consumers feel connected to your product or service in a less transactional way. (more…)

Maintaining Your Web Traffic After Google Updates Occur

When you see an unexpected change in your web traffic, you may be witnessing the effect of a Google update. The company can make adjustments to its algorithm that potentially impact your visibility, though the nature of those changes may be hard to track. So how should you respond in the event of an update? Earlier this year, many sites saw their SEO efforts impacted by Google’s broad core algorithm update. For many people, the challenge was not about making minor adjustments to make their sites easier to “read,” but about making bigger changes to the kind of website they host. We can help you maintain your SEO when Google updates occur. We pay attention to the changes that occur, and we can help you adjust.  (more…)

MDPM Consulting Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving!

As the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has trusted us to help them with their online marketing needs. Your dental practice provides an important service. By providing care to the people in your community, and addressing the range of smile concerns your neighbors have, you help them maintain their health. Of course, these services can also help them improve their appearance, and their self-confidence. We love helping you reach more people online, so that you can help more people when they come to your office! From our office to yours, we hope you all have a terrific Thanksgiving.  (more…)

What Questions Are Your Dental Patients Asking?

As a dentist, you’re addressing the medical needs of your patients. Although it looks and feels different than retail or a restaurant, you are in the service industry. You want your patients to feel like they can get the help they need. A welcoming care environment full of friendly faces can help you achieve this goal. Another important step you can take to add value to the experience at your dental practice is to listen to your patients’ questions. That may seem obvious, but there are actually a few reasons to listen closely. You can use those questions to enhance your online presence. (more…)

Organic SEO Efforts Can Provide Consistent Benefits

What does a successful approach to online marketing look like? It can be easy to describe the preferred outcome to your efforts to promote your dental practice – have more people learn about your practice, and turn site visitors into new patients. The challenge can be in identifying what strategy is most effective at providing these results. Even if you have had success in the past, your results can be affected when Google performs an algorithm update. While this can present challenges, you should know that focusing on organic SEO can have consistent value for you. We can help you maintain organic SEO, which can provide a website experience that benefits people, and earns better search engine rankings. (more…)

Client Feature: Contemporary Dental and Orthodontics

Friday is here! Why is that such a big deal for us at the MDPM office? Because today is the day that we highlight one of our awesome clients on the blog! As a digital marketing firm, we’re nothing without the incredible dental practices from across the country that we get to work with. It’s our pleasure to give a shoutout to our talented partners. Today, we’re giving a spotlight to a new client of ours. We recently had the great pleasure of creating a brand new website for Dr. Steven Vaughan. His practice, Contemporary Dental and Orthodontics, is SEO optimized and serving the community of Bellaire, TX! (more…)

The Value Of Establishing An Online Presence Before Opening

Why should you consider promoting your practice before you officially open your doors for patients? Early promotion can offer SEO benefits, and generally help you spread awareness in time for when you do open. In the past, one drawback to this strategy was that Google My Business listings could not be established until a location was already operating. Fortunately, Google My Business listings can now be created in advance of your debut. This gives you the chance to start building your online presence, and ensuring healthy site traffic. As a result, you can have an easier time making your presence known when you open, and start seeing patients.  (more…)