How Are You Measuring SEO Success?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a messy arena. It can be ambiguous at times. The landscape, rules, and best practices are constantly evolving, so evaluating SEO success with traditional metrics is difficult, if not impossible. In another arena, like cable TV, the process is simple: You pay for the add space, x number of people see the add, and a percentage of those people are converted to customers. The variables in that scenario are pretty simple. SEO is different, but the results you see from these practices can greatly exceed traditional advertising in terms of return on investment. So, how do you measure SEO success? (more…)

Can Consistent Content Help You Sustain Online Visibility?

How important is the content on your website to your ultimate goal of reaching people online, and making a compelling case for visiting your dental practice? While Google’s algorithms can take many factors into account when ranking your site in search results, quality content can help you win a more favorable placement. With helpful, original information present on your site, you can be easier for people in your area to find when they search for dental care online, or whenever they enter a question into Google concerning their oral health. We provide effective site content, and ensure that your page is consistently providing new posts, in order to help with your online marketing goals. (more…)

Client Feature: Cleveland Family Dentistry

Once again, Friday is here to close out the week and deliver us a piping-hot client feature blog! At the end of each week, we like to use the space on this very blog to give a shout out to one of our amazing clients from around the country. We feel so fortunate to work with some of the best dentists from all over, so it’s only right we show a little appreciation! This week’s client feature goes out to one of our dental clients who is hosting an awesome event today. Cleveland Family Dentistry is a dedicated team committed to providing quality care to Cleveland, TX. (more…)

Creating Site Content For People, Not Search Engines

While there are still people who attempt to shape their content to impress search engine algorithms, many have come to recognize how this strategy can fail to really boost their SEO. Google has implemented many updates over the years, with the goal of finding and providing the most useful website content a person could want, based on their query. Because of these changes, the value of content written with a human audience in mind has gone up, while solely SEO-centered writing has become less useful. We can provide consistent website content that can satisfy visitors, and improve your SEO! (more…)

Understanding Redirects, And Their Impact On Your SEO

The average life cycle of a website is typically three to four years, and a site owner can institute several updates and other changes in that period. Over time, you can find that you need to redirect people to new links for various reasons. Are you arranging the “right” kind of redirect in these situations? The wrong setup can lead to error messages, and it can negatively impact your SEO. We can provide instructions and technical support regarding redirects, so that you can offer a better experience for users, and avoid mistakes that can hurt your technical SEO, and weaken the value of your online marketing efforts. (more…)

Is Your Business Using Maintenance Marketing?

When you think about your business’s marketing, it can be easy to focus on attracting new clients or customers. The greater number of clients you have, the greater your revenue (in theory). However, marketing isn’t just about reaching out to people who haven’t heard of your business. You should be actively using maintenance marketing to retain current clients. Maintenance marketing efforts can be easy and cost-effective. It’s all about taking advantage of the tools at your disposal. Here are some maintenance marketing tips you can use for your dental practice. (more…)

Can Facebook Pixel Help You With Your Online Marketing?

You can find tools that help you track the success of your online advertising. For instance, Facebook Pixel allows you to keep up with the impact your paid Facebook ads are having, and see how much attention for your practice’s website these ads really generate. Of course, having that information, and knowing what to do with it, are separate matters. We can help you maintain a successful social media profile while online with posts that are designed to draw attention. We can also help you make sure your social media page effectively promotes your website, and assists in boosting your SEO. (more…)

Client Feature: Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Kansas City

Another Friday means another client feature on the MDPM blog! We are fortunate enough to work with some incredible dental practices from around the country, so each Friday, we give one of these fantastic clients a shout out. This week’s spotlight goes to the Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Kansas City. This team was recently nominated as a candidate for Kansas City Small Business of the Year! We’re so proud of the work that this dental practice has done, and we feel fortunate to be able to assist this excellent team! (more…)

Focus On User Experience To Improve Your SEO In 2019

If you want to bring in new patients, and grow your dental practice, you should take some time to consider how effective your online marketing efforts are. To boost your website’s SEO in 2019, you should pay attention to how changes in user behaviors and technology have impacted your potential for growth. One thing you can do to improve your SEO, and enjoy consistent value from your website, is pay attention to the user experience you offer. We can help you by providing quality content, and the right features to make your page more beneficial to your practice. (more…)

How Is Your Social Media Activity Affecting Your SEO?

When you maintain an effective social media presence, you can successfully engage with your patients, and strengthen your relationship with them. What you might not realize is how effective your social media activity can be towards reaching potential patients, and making the website for your practice more visible. While the two may seem like separate entities, a social media profile can support your website, and make it a more effective tool for digital marketing. Through the right content, and the right posting schedule, we can help you enjoy greater success on the varying platforms you use to promote your practice online. (more…)