Domain Authority And SEO: What Do You Need To Know?

When evaluating your website, you can be focused on its presentation and content, but your main priority is likely how useful it is at reaching people. People who want to evaluate their site’s effectiveness in this regard can turn to their Domain Authority score. Domain Authority (DA) is meant to be a measure of a site’s ability to rank highly in searches. A good score can be reassuring, as it reflects that you are following effective SEO practices. It can also be worth checking where your site’s score lands when compared to the sites of other dental practices near you. With that said, focusing exclusively on your score can be less beneficial than you might hope. If you want your site to attract more people, it can be smarter to work towards SEO improvements that focus on user experience. (more…)

Make Sure People Can Use Your Site On Mobile Devices!

If your website is difficult to find, your practice can be overlooked by people in your area who are looking for dental care. If you want to boost your SEO, you need to take steps to ensure that your digital presence is easy for people to find. To do that, you need to be sure that your site is easy to use on more than just computers. People frequently trust their mobile devices to search for information online, and Google has taken notice. In fact, the search engine now uses mobile-first indexing for all new websites. We can help you make sure that your site is better designed so that it is easy to find, and navigate, on mobile devices! (more…)

Your Local Business Website Matters

At this point, everyone knows they need a website. Websites help new clients find you. Without a website, it’s difficult to give people a concise place to find information about your business. Plus, when you own and operate a website, you can track things like search traffic and clicks to see how many people are actually visiting your website. You may not already know that your website is the source that users trust the most for information about your business. That means that managing and updating your website is vital for the health of your business. (more…)

The Importance Of Creating The Right Keyword List

The properly developed keyword list can help you make sure that people searching online for dental care find your site. Establishing the right keywords will be important for your SEO efforts. When they are added, they make it easier for Google and other search engines understand what topics are closely associated with the content you put out, so it is easier to see how they might fit certain searches. We can help you boost your online visibility by establishing effective keywords. With that said, we can also help you take important additional steps to make sure your site is the right place for people who are performing searches for matters related to dental care. While keywords are important, Google’s algorithm updates have become better at recognizing a site’s value for users, so keywords alone can be insufficient for reaching more people. (more…)

Client Feature: Texas Old Town

Happy Friday, everyone! Friday is one of our personal favorites at MDPM Consulting, because it’s the day of the week that we put a client feature up on our blog! We get to work with amazing dentists from across the country, but we also work with clients in a variety of industries. This week’s client feature gives special attention to a client who is up for a local award! Texas Old Town has established itself as a premiere wedding venue just outside Austin, TX. This awesome team is in the running for an Austin’s Best of the Best award. (more…)

Have Your SEO Efforts Been Hurt By Google’s Indexing Issues?

Recent troubles with Google’s indexing may have disrupted your ability to reach people with your website. While the company recently announced that the matter has been resolved, past issues have been acknowledged as a potential problem, though the problem is something Google is addressing. The trouble with issues like this is that if something out of your control affects your site, and you are not aware anything has happened, your SEO can be affected. If a problem arises that you have to respond to on your own, being out of the loop can lead to continued problems. In addition to helping you follow smart strategies to boost your SEO, we keep up with online marketing matters, and your website, so we can help you recover when issues arise. (more…)

You Should Be Aware Of These Website Design Trends

Does your website exhibit current design trends, or has it fallen behind? This is an important question to ask, as an outdated online presence can hurt your ability to maintain a site visitor’s interest, and compel them to make an appointment at your practice. It can also hurt your SEO – as Google’s indexing efforts have improved, the search engine has become better at analyzing user engagement and interest. If your outdated website has become difficult to navigate, if it is hard to use on mobile devices, or if it just looks unappealing, people can be less likely to explore the services you provide. We can improve your site design as part of an overall plan to help you successfully market your practice online! (more…)

Are You Creating Your Own Marketing Content?

Effective marketing practices are all about strategy. You need to have a plan in place that you can act on to achieve a goal. No matter what the marketing goals for your business are, content creation should be part of your plan. Creating content specific to your business can drive search traffic, increase reputability, and create a distinct personality for your brand. These are valuable assets in a digital marketplace. If your dental practice is looking to attract new business, focusing on content creation for your practice can help. It’s time to explore why. (more…)

Can People Find Your Practice Using Voice Search?

Google makes regular algorithm updates that can affect the rank of websites. While it is important to keep up with these changes, it is also important to recognize that this is only one of several factors that can impact SEO efforts. To stay visible online, you should also pay attention to changes in search trends, and in technology. For example, people are increasingly using voice search to find information and services online. Does this call for a change in your approach to SEO? In this case, the ideal approach is the same for conventional searching – you can see success when you focus on meeting user intent. We can help you with this by providing quality content, and by keeping your website in top form! (more…)

Client Feature: Michael Flynn Dentistry

It’s Friday, and that means we’re excited to give a shout out to one of our amazing clients. We are fortunate enough to work on behalf of so many amazing dentists from across the country, so of course we want to give them some recognition. This week’s client feature gives a nod to our client in West Allis, WI, Michael Flynn Dentistry. Michael Flynn and his team offer advanced dental care with a focus on holistic health. In addition to being an excellent dentist, Dr. Flynn’s team uses innovative social media tactics to help increase online engagement. (more…)