Client Feature: Hillsview Dental

It’s Friday! After a week off, we’re more-than-ready to give a nod to one of our amazing dentistry clients. We have the distinct honor of working with so many amazing dental professionals from across the country, so of course we want to give a shout out to these hard-working folks! This week’s client feature takes us to South Dakota where a long-time client of ours has just upgraded his website. Hillsview Dental is a high-quality dentistry for patients of all ages. The practice’s new website puts that on full display. (more…)

How Your Google My Business Listing Can Help Your Practice

Setting up your Google My Business listing can be important for your online marketing efforts, but you should take care to make sure your information is current, and accurate. Your local SEO efforts depend on Google and other search engines being confident in your location, meaning you want to avoid any incorrect information. Your Google My Business information can also give Google important indicators about what kind of care you offer, and who can benefit from seeing you. If you are worried about the presence of incorrect information online, or you feel unsure of what you need to do to boost your SEO, we are ready to help! (more…)

How A Content Calendar Can Benefit Online Marketing Efforts

Smart SEO habits are about more than just what you share on your website – you should also think about when, and how often, you should post. Using a content calendar to plan your online activity can help you yield better results from your web presence. We use a content calendar to ensure your blog posts arrive consistently, while showing an appropriate diversity of topics (rather than continually bringing up one or two subjects). This can ensure that posts have a better chance of being found by potential patients, and that the scope of what your practice offers can be covered. You might find that a content calendar is beneficial for your social media activity, too.  (more…)

Adopt These Social Media Trends for Your Dental Practice

Social and digital marketing are fast-paced environments, because technology and the consumption patterns of users are ever-changing. That means that you always have to be ready to adapt. What social trends are on the rise in 2019? We’ve got a few pointers that will help your social media content stand out this year. These trends are related to how you create and share your content. Developing a strong social presence can build trust in your dental practice and engage your audience of patients. (more…)

Making Sure Your SEO Efforts Help You Reach Local People

Attracting more people to your website can be helpful. With that said, if you want your online presence to benefit your practice, you should be focused on making sure the people who find you are also close enough to you to make an appointment. Local SEO refers to efforts that help a website connect to users in a particular area, rather than an effort to generate the most visitors possible. We can help you improve your local SEO, which can translate to new patients, and better business.  (more…)

Is Your Practice Ready for Midwinter Meeting?

It’s Friday! Normally that would mean it’s time for a client feature on the blog, but today, we want to talk about an event that affects many of our clients from across the country. That’s because it’s almost time for Midwinter Meeting! This conference presents a valuable opportunity to participate in some continuing dental education and to browse a selection of new tools and toys for your practice. Before Midwinter Meeting arrives on February 21st, we want to make sure you and your practice are ready to attend. That’s why we’ve put together a handy information download. (more…)

What You Gain From Featuring The Right Links On Your Site

Certain website features can be surprisingly useful when it comes to making your page easier to find. When you think about your site’s SEO, and what you can do to improve it, you might not realize how beneficial it can be to include links in your content. Your links are good for helping visitors navigate your page, and answer pertinent questions about your services (while staying on your website). They also demonstrate support for your content, and its value to potential visitors. We can help you understand the importance of links in promoting your practice, and in boosting your SEO. Link building is one of many tactics we can use to make your content more useful to you. (more…)

Is Your Website Compliant With Accessibility Standards?

What are your responsibilities concerning ADA compliance and your website? Failing to keep up with compliance standards can make it more difficult for some of your potential patients to use your site, and decide if they should schedule an appointment at your practice. While there is no clear penalty for failing to meet ADA compliance, many people worry that they will be vulnerable to legal challenges for falling short in this matter. We can make sure your site satisfies accessibility standards with the use of a special plugin. This can help you reach appropriate compliance, while also making your site easier for more people to use. (more…)

Google My Business Descriptions Are Back

Google recently dropped a piece of news that’s huge for business owners. The “business description” portion of Google My Business profiles is now back. That means that you can update and manage the description of your business that appears when people find your business online. This gives you the opportunity to describe yourself and add flare to your business’s online presence. And while you’re at it, the description update isn’t the only thing part of Google My Business that has changed. Now is the time to check your Google My Business profile and get up to speed. (more…)

We Provide Content That Addresses Users’ Intentions

What will a visitor to your site be interested in finding, and what kind of questions led them to your page? These are important questions to address if you want your online presence to effectively promote your practice. Simply providing relevant content, and a way to make an an appointment, can be insufficient if you want to maintain an effective dental marketing strategy. We can help you understand the value of recognizing the intentions and interests of potential visitors, and creating original content that will satisfy them. In addition to making your site more attractive to search engine algorithms, this can make your services more appealing to people. (more…)