The Right Ranking Factors Can Lead To Better SEO Efforts

Your goal with your online presence is to effectively promote your practice, and create new dental patients. Your SEO efforts can make you easier to find in relevant searches, which can lead to more site traffic. So what should you do to make sure you enjoy a higher ranking in local online searches? You might be surprised at how many ranking factors can affect your position in search results. While some feel obvious, there are technical considerations that may be difficult to implement, particularly for an older website. We can help you make the necessary improvements to reach more people, and make better use of your online presence. In addition to providing support for technical aspects, we can help you by generating relevant content that can respond well to searches made by people in your area. (more…)

Is Facebook Messenger Right for Your Office?

Social media platforms began largely as a way for people to communicate and interact with one another. Businesses have been able to enter these spaces and effectively use them for marketing purposes. Now, these social media platforms can be utilized as helpful tools for all kinds of businesses. Facebook Messenger is more than just an app for chatting with friends. Your dental office could actually use Facebook Messenger to connect with patients and provide them with helpful information. Today’s blog addresses whether or not Facebook Messenger is right for your dental practice. (more…)

Can Search Engine Algorithm Changes Hurt Your Site Traffic?

Search engines, particularly Google, are often key to finding information about people and services in your area. When you promote your dental practice online, you can be discovered by more people in your area when you maintain a site that benefits from effective search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Of course, your SEO can change over time, particularly when search engine algorithms are updated. Not every algorithm update will concern your site – you may see no change at all after some changes. However, there are times where a search engine algorithm update can impact your site traffic, and make you less visible. We can help you maintain your SEO over time by paying attention to changes, and helping you adjust so that you continue to enjoy an effective online presence. (more…)

Client Feature: Gateway Dental Group

Is it really Friday again already!? This is a favorite time around the MDPM office because Friday is the day we give a shoutout to one of our amazing clients on the blog! We have the distinct pleasure of working on behalf of so many incredible dentists from around the country. We’ve built some long-standing relationships throughout the years, like our relationship with Dr. Burds. We recently got to put together a site redesign for Dr. Burds and the team at Gateway Dental Group. We also developed a microsite for the practice’s sleep apnea specialty services. (more…)

Monitoring Changes In Online And Social Media Reviews

The posting of online reviews can potentially help your practice. After all, people in your area who find you online can see glowing comments attached. Of course, the idea of a rating attached to your name – one you feel you have little control over – can be scary. Facebook is actually removing the ratings component of its customer reviews, in favor of “recommendations.” We can help you maintain a positive reputation by monitoring changes like these, and helping you make any necessary adjustments. We can also help you by continuing to focus on Google reviews, so that your practice is more appealing to nearby people in search of dental care.  (more…)

Is Your Website Overdue For A Redesign?

If you wanted to check something on your phone recently, you likely already noticed that Google redesigned its homepage on mobile platforms. When companies perform redesigns of their site, they can focus on creating an attractive, recognizable look, but they also pay attention to the way their update affects their site’s function. If you have held onto the same design for your practice’s website, your competitors can start reaching more potential patients by making user-friendly updates. We can show you how a new website design can help you stay current, and improve on your ability to generate site traffic. An update is one of several steps we can provide to help you improve your SEO, and more effectively promote your practice. (more…)

Remind Your Patients That the Year Is Almost Over

We’re fast approaching the holiday season. This time of the year is beloved because it means more occasions spent with friends and family. However, for your dental office and your patients, the end of the year carries big implications. You want to remind your patients to use their dental insurance benefits before the end of the year. There’s nothing worse than having an overflowing appointment book at the end of the year and being unable to squeeze in a patient who needs care before the new calendar year. When you remind your patients to use their insurance benefits before the end of the year now, they’ll be happy that you did! (more…)

It’s Time To Start Creating Your 2019 Marketing Plan

Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here, and 2019 is following close behind. If you want to successfully promote your dental practice, you should already be working on your marketing plan for the next year. One thing you should pay attention to is the effectiveness of your online activity. With the right approach to managing your website and social media activity, you can improve on your ability to promote yourself locally. What do you need to do to make sure this happens? We can work with you if you need to redesign your website, improve your online content, or even create a brand new page to promote your practice. We can also help by providing you with a social media strategy that increases your engagement with patients and potential patients. (more…)

Client Feature: Halloween Shout Outs

It’s Friday, and that means client feature time on the MDPM Consulting blog. This week is a particularly special week however, due to the spooky celebrations that happened earlier this week. That’s right, Halloween was this Wednesday, and some of our clients went all out for the holiday. Participating in holidays has value for your dental practice. Not only is it fun, but it also creates organic content for your social media channels. On this week’s blog, we want to give a shout out to the awesome celebrations we saw across the country! (more…)

Identifying The Best Times To Post On Social Media

If you want your social media efforts to truly support your practice, coming up with the right posts – while important – is not the only piece of the puzzle. One issue many people can overlook is whether or not you are posting at the right times. Even as social media sites have moved away from a strictly chronological layout of posts, knowing when to provide social media content can be advantageous. We can help you stick to a social media posting strategy that can engage more effectively with patients, encourage interactions, and increase the visibility of your practice online. By improving your social media presence, and helping you improve your website, we can help you do a better job of introducing yourself to potential patients around you. (more…)