Client Feature: Newhall Dental Arts

Another Friday is here, and thank goodness, because we’re ready for another client feature. We’re thrilled that we have the opportunity to help so many incredible dentists grow their practices. That’s why each week, we give a nod to one of the amazing clients with whom we have the privilege to work. This week’s client feature highlights a client who just went live with a new website. It’s time to meet one of the awesome practitioners behind the high-tech Newhall Dental Arts: Say hello to Dr. Kasra Tajik! (more…)

Taking Advantage Of Your New MDPM Photo Booth

MDPM is now offering clients a special treat for their office that can be used to create great social media posts! Our new Photo Booth will provide you with links to great props, and instructions on producing a special backdrop you can set up at your practice. With these materials, you can create something fun for your patients, and your staff to use. While this is a great way to add a little whimsy to a visit to the dentist, your photo booth setup can also be used to create fun and engaging social media posts, which can help you boost your online marketing efforts. (more…)

NAP And Local SEO Help Connect You To People In Your Area

It can be hard to maintain an effective online marketing strategy if you are unsure of how to target people in your area. After all, the most important online visits you receive are from the people who live close enough by you to visit your practice. There are a few issues that need your attention if you want to more effectively promote yourself to people near you. You need to make sure your NAP is consistent, both on your site, and other websites that include your information. You also need to consider how your posts and your website can boost your local SEO. (more…)

Approach Online Business Reviews with a Strategic Mindset

Whether your business is product- or service-oriented, you need to take a hands-on approach to managing your online reviews. That’s because online reviews are the easiest way to build your reputation, or destroy it if you’re not paying attention. You don’t have to sit idly by as online reviews happen — you have agency when it comes to the online presence of your business. As such, you need to approach online reviews for your business with a strategic mindset. (more…)

Using Content KPIs To Plan Your Digital Marketing Efforts

It may be tempting to believe that your website, and your social media page, are sufficient for your online marketing needs. Unfortunately, a lack of smart promotion can leave your efforts practically invisible, and ultimately ineffective. If you have struggled to reach people online, we can help you implement a smart strategy for digital marketing. We can make effective use of your content KPIs (key performance indicators) to develop better, smarter marketing strategies for your dental practice. When you understand what these indicators are conveying, it can be easier to create a better online experience, and produce more useful posts. (more…)

Client Feature: Dr. Tyko

Hey hey, it’s that time again. It’s Friday, and in the new year, that still means we’re giving shout outs to some of the amazing dentists with which we get to work! We love seeing dental practices from across the country implement smart digital strategies and succeed. Today’s client feature lends a spotlight to a talented oral surgeon! Dr. Leonard Tyko specializes in restoring smiles through oral surgery. He was featured as part of an article in the Press Democrat, where he shared his expertise in creating implant-retained dentures. Congrats Dr. Tyko and Santa Rosa Oral Surgery! (more…)

Take Advantage Of The New MDPM Photo Booth

Your social media activity can help you foster a connection with your patients, and show off your amazing staff. Of course, to make effective use of your accounts, you need the right activity. Starting this year, we are providing practices with their own fun photo booths, which you can use to capture images with patients, and with the people you work with. With your booth, you can encourage people to take pictures – this can make a trip to the dentist more fun for patients, and give you great images you can use when you talk about your team on social media. The backdrops and props will be updated regularly, to encourage new images. (more…)

Using Video Banners On Your Website

Many modern sites are relying on video banners to greet visitors to their home page. One of our clients, Dr. Cabal, now has a video banner on his site, which quickly introduces people to his practice. The right video can be a great addition to your website. In addition to giving your page a modern, advanced feel, it can be a great way to let people enjoy a glimpse of your office. It is worth noting that some videos are better than others for your banner. We can help you update your online presence as part of a strategy to improve your digital marketing efforts. (more…)

MDPM Consulting Wants To Wish You A Happy 2019!

As we enter the new year, MDPM Consulting wants to wish everyone a happy 2019! We have been proud to help dental practices throughout the country increase their digital reach by providing new and redesigned websites, as well as ongoing SEO support. 2019 is sure to see changes in the world of online marketing, as new technology and search engine updates call for different approaches to proper website management. Our office is excited to take on these changes, and we are ready to help you continue to grow and attract more patients.  (more…)

Google Social? Reviews Are All You Need

Over the past five years, it seems like everyone has tried their hand at a social media platform. This type of online community building and interaction has changed how we interact with each other and brands as well. It makes sense that Google would dive into this space, hence their Google+ project that never really took off. You may have never created a Google+ account (and the numbers would suggest that you probably didn’t), and you didn’t miss out. Google+ is now gone, so that’s one fewer social platform you have to worry about. The real social mechanic behind a Google presence lies in the reviews. (more…)