How Much Blog Content Should You Feature On Your Site?

By sharing blogs on your website, you can familiarize potential patients with the services you provide, and try to address common issues that motivate people to schedule oral health care. Your blogs also create new links for Google to index, and share, meaning you have more opportunities for people to find your page. While the benefit to sharing blogs can be easily recognized, you can feel unsure of how many blogs you should share, and how often you should post new content. We offer different posting options you can choose from, so that you can select the volume of new content you share. To make the most of every new post, we provide original content that is both user-friendly, and structured for better SEO. (more…)

Find Easy Social Media Content Ideas in Your Office

Planning content for your social media channels can take up a lot of time, and working without a plan is even worse. Without a content strategy in place, your social media channels can feel directionless and inconsistent. It’s best to create a monthly calendar that keeps you on track and allows your voice to remain consistent. So how can you reliably plan content for a month at a time? Easy social media content ideas are actually waiting for you inside your office. Sharing personal happenings and practice achievements with your audience makes for great content. (more…)

Can Voice Search Really Benefit Your Website?

Adding modern features and functions to your dental website can make your online presence appear impressive, but you should keep in mind that some updates benefit you more than others. For some site owners, the idea of offering voice search can be enticing. This new approach to website navigation can seem attractive, at least as a way to make your page stand apart from competitors’ sites. What you should consider is that voice search is a recent technology, and visitors may have little interest in using it instead of a drop-down menu, or text search. We can help you understand how identifying and implementing the right site updates can positively impact your SEO. (more…)

Client Feature: Rodem Tree Dental

Once again we’ve arrived at Friday, a favorite around the MDPM Consulting office. Friday ranks pretty highly on most people’s lists of the best days, and why shouldn’t it? It’s the end of the work week and the start of the weekend, but for us, Friday is even more than that. Friday is the day that we give one of our fantastic clients a shout out on the blog! We’re so privileged to work with outstanding dentists from around the country. Today, we want to give a special shout out to Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, Texas! We recently had the chance to build this client a new website! (more…)

What Are You Doing To Protect Your Reputation Online?

While a well-maintained website gives you the chance to effectively promote your dental practice, others will have a chance to share their thoughts on you through online reviews. Fortunately, when you provide quality care, and encourage people to share positive experiences, you can make sure people find glowing comments from patients. What you should know is that your online presence can actually be used to solicit more positive feedback. We can help you by offering support and expert insights to more effectively manage your reputation online. By focusing on reviews, smart SEO efforts, and changing trends in digital marketing, we are committed to helping you enjoy consistent value from your online presence. (more…)

The Value In Understanding Search Engine Trends

When it comes to boosting your SEO, it can help to understand what people are doing when they look for information online. Organic search trends can help you understand what search engines people rely on, and what devices they tend to use when they perform a search. In addition to helping you keep up with what people do when they go online in search for information, we can help you make sure your site is set up to be more easily discovered by people. That can mean making sure your site has technical features that can boost your standing, or making sure your page is easy to read and explore when people find you with mobile devices. (more…)

Use Personal Thank You’s to Build Patient Relationships

It’s easy to sound like a fist-shaking, get-off-my-lawn curmudgeon when talking about how technology has changed communication, but in reality, the way we interact with one another has shifted. How many promotional emails do you receive per day? It’s nice to receive a message that you actually want to read. The absence of that personal touch actually creates an opportunity for your digital marketing strategy. Personal thank-you notes from your dentist’s office to patients and vendors alike can go a long way. Here’s how you can use thank-you to easily build patient relationships. (more…)

Site Improvements Can Lead To Better Visibility Online

Failing to keep your site updated, or offering limited content, can eventually lead to a drop in your rankings. The way you manage your site can have an impact on your Google indexation, which affects your ranking for searches concerning different keywords that are relevant to your page, and your practice. When you are not taking steps to encourage Google to crawl your page, and determine your potential value for their users who are interested in dental care, you can become less visible. We can help you make the kind of updates and improvements that raise your SEO, and make sure you are easier for potential patients to find! (more…)

Client Feature: Spring Content Fun

It’s Friday, which means on the MDPM blog we get to combine our two favorite things: awesome clients and quality content! We aspire to help the best dentists from around the country attract more clients and better serve the ones they already have. With custom content, website builds, and SEO tactics, we help our clients succeed. This week, we’re highlighting the fun that you can have with your spring marketing efforts. Often, simply paying attention to the calendar and your community around you is the best way to create content for social media pages and blogs. (more…)

Positive Online Reviews Can Help You Reach More People

It seems safe to assume that just about everyone likes hearing compliments. Compliments in the form of positive reviews for your dental practice can certainly be welcome – they can also help you promote your services online more effectively. The importance of good online feedback is hardly a secret. In fact, Google My Business is working to make it easier for businesses to share positive feedback, so others are more likely to encounter it. We can help you manage your reputation online so you see more of those glowing recommendations shared on Google. We can also help you with other efforts to reach current and potential patients through your website and social media, so you can enjoy more support for your practice! (more…)