The Right Website Design Should Be Attractive And Functional

When you think of a website as being designed well, are you thinking about the way it looks, or how easy it is to use? If you want to support your practice with a website that truly appeals to potential patients, you need to think about the form and function of your design. A website that looks outdated or poorly made can seem less appealing, and less trustworthy. One that looks great but proves difficult to navigate can also send people away. Effective website design is one of many services we offer practices interested in making the most of their online presence.  (more…)

Ramp Up Seasonal Marketing Efforts for Halloween

You may not realize it, but holidays like Halloween actually present excellent seasonal marketing opportunities for your practice. These aren’t marketing opportunities in the traditional sense, but rather opportunities to brand your practice and engage your clients through social media. You may not think of that as “marketing,” because there’s no clear call to action, but it’s actually one of the best ways to grow your clientele. Everyone experiences Halloween together, so when you post pictures and stories of what you and your staff are doing to celebrate, you participate in the experience. Here’s how you can ramp up your seasonal marketing efforts for Halloween. (more…)

Can Local Citations Help You Reach More People Online?

While the information on your website obviously matters, you also need to worry about the information about your practice that exists in other online settings. Citations refer to any references made to your practice’s name and address online. Google’s algorithm will use citations to help make its determination of where you should rank in local searches – if you have citations available, and the information is consistent, your local SEO can benefit. However, a lack of citations, or inaccurate citations, can hurt you. How can you make sure your online success is not hindered by problems with local citations? We can help you promote yourself more effectively, and reach more people, by managing your online presence. (more…)

Client Feature: Dr. Peddicord

We’re smiling from ear to ear because once again, it’s Friday! This is a particularly celebrated day on the blog because it’s the day we give a spotlight to some of our amazing clients from across the country. We have the distinct pleasure of working with so many excellent dentists, and we’re not the only ones who recognize this. This week’s client feature gives a shout out to a dentist who was just recognized by the International College of Dentists for her commitment to serving others. Congratulations Dr. Erika Peddicord, it’s an honor to get to work with you! (more…)

Is Your Site Vulnerable To Problems That Impact Web Traffic?

Your goal with your site should be to reach as many people in your area as you can, so that your practice and services are better known. Your web traffic measures how many people are visiting your site – when traffic starts declining, you can understandably worry about the effectiveness of your online presence. This decline could be less about the content on your site, or your efforts to promote yourself, and more about the way it is set up. If your page is not secure, if your site has been hacked, or if you have not kept up with Google algorithm changes, your SEO can be negatively affected. We can help you ensure your website is secure, supported, and able to maintain its relevance in local searches. (more…)

A Better User Experience Can Improve Your SEO

If you want to improve your ranking in relevant searches, the experience users have on your site will matter. There are several efforts you should make if you want to improve your SEO, and increase your online visibility. Generating links and relevant content can have a positive impact, as can your ability to provide a positive experience to people on mobile devices. With that said, Google and other search engines also pay attention to what users do when they are on your site. How much time do they spend there? Will they visit more than one site page? How easy is it for someone to access and use your website? We can offer support with the design and maintenance of your website, and we can help you provide a better user experience. (more…)

Planning Your Marketing Calendar? Check the Actual Calendar

It’s easy to make planning for marketing and social media content strategy a lot more difficult than it needs to be. You can over analyze data and hunt for some sort of optimized trend to point you in the right direction, or you can just look at the calendar. The seasons of the year dictate what happens in people’s lives, and that dictates how you should be marketing to them. We’re entering a season of holidays and the end of the dental insurance year, so how are you planning on marketing to your patients? (more…)

We Can Help You Track Google Algorithm Changes

How often will Google make changes to its search engine algorithm? How likely is it that a change to the algorithm will affect you? If you want to support your practice online, and maintain a useful web presence, knowing the answer to these questions can be important to your overall success. If you are caught off guard by in search engine priorities, you may see a decline in web traffic you are unable to explain, or properly address. We can help you maintain your visibility by providing you with the kind of support that helps you maintain an effective approach to organic SEO. By tracking changes, and committing to the kind of online presence that search engines consistently prefer, we can help you make the most of your online marketing efforts. (more…)

Client Feature: Boss’s Day Shout Out

Hello Friday! The end of the week is especially fun for us at MDPM Consulting because we get to give a special shout out to some of our amazing clients! This week, we wanted to focus on one element of social strategy that we noticed many of our clients utilizing. You can easily incorporate this tactic into your own social programming in the future. We want to give a shout out to the dental practices celebrating boss’s day! Boss’s day is just one of many official-ish holidays on the any-reason-to-celebrate calendar, but it presents a fun opportunity for your dental practice. (more…)

What Can I Do If My Website Traffic Is Declining?

Your website’s worth lies in its ability to help you reach more people, and encourage more visitors to your practice. When your website traffic declines, this can be an understandable cause for alarm, particularly when there is no clear explanation for the drop in views. Your problem could be due to problems with your website on mobile platforms, your website’s inability to maintain traffic levels, or simply a change in potential patient priorities. In addition to helping you create and maintain a website for your dental practice, we can monitor its success, and work to protect you against drops in traffic.  (more…)