Is Your Business Leveraging Instagram Video?

The content you create for your social media channels should be driven by your overall strategy. When you set out to create a social strategy for your business, one of the things you should consider is how you’re going to drive engagement on your page. A recent study has shown that videos on Instagram receive more engagement than other types of content on the platform. That means your business should be leveraging this type of content to gain more engagement! Here’s why video is so effective on social media, and how you can use the tool for yourself. (more…)

Pay Attention To Your SERP Info To Improve Your SEO Efforts

The right measures can boost your SEO, which makes you easier to find when people near you search online for dental care, or search for answers to their smile concerns. What you might not realize is that your ability to attract potential patients can be affected by what people find when they discover your link. Your SERP listing refers to your link, plus any additional information included with it, located on the results pages for search engines like Google. We can help you make sure you have more helpful information on SERPs, which can encourage people to seek out your services. (more…)

Client Feature: Calcagno Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s Friday, so of course we’re gearing up for our favorite blog post of the week. That’s right, it’s time for another client feature! We get to work with incredible dentists from all over the country, so each week, we like to give a spotlight to one of our clients who’s doing something exceptionally cool. This week, that spotlight is shined on the team at Calcagno Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, who celebrated National Tooth Fairy Day with an awesome event. Members of the team (including the Tooth Fairy!) visited the daycare next door to answer kids’ questions about their teeth. (more…)

More Information In Your Google Listing Can Boost Your SEO

How easy would it be to find your website on Google when searching terms related to dental care? When someone does find your link, how much information do they really see? Improving your SEO can be about more than just where you land on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page). With the right features, you can actually make sure people see helpful information concerning the page they are about to review, your contact information, and even promotions you are currently offering. We can offer the kind of guidance and technical skills needed to boost your SEO, and making better use of Google, in order to increase your visibility online. (more…)

Check Out Our Photo Booth In A Box!

What are you currently doing to make sure your social media presence is supporting your practice? Your profiles on sites like Facebook and Instagram create opportunities to generate more links for your site, and share attractive posts that can grab the attention of potential patients. Your activity can also encourage your current patients to feel like they have more than just a professional relationship with your practice. We are now offering a special MDPM Photo Booth In A Box, which provides you with the resources to create a special area in your office for fun photographs. This can encourage your patients to engage with you on social media, and it can help you share more memorable images of you and your team. (more…)

Inspire Your Audience to Make Your Content

There’s real value in having a social presence for your dental practice. Making your target audience aware of your product, and developing a relationship with this audience can have lasting, positive impacts for your business. Once you commit to creating social channels and maintaining an active presence online, you’ll realize that you need to create content. Lots of content. While you can plan, strategize, and create your own content, the best content will be created by your audience. When you inspire your audience to make content, it reaches even more people. (more…)

Local SEO Can Provide More Value For Your Practice

Attracting the most visitors possible can essentially guarantee that your website can bring your new patients, and help your dental practice grow, right? You obviously benefit from having an online presence that people are likely to find, and visit. With that said, in terms of practical value, the ideal visitors are only those who live near enough to your practice to arrange an appointment. We can provide the kind of site support that leads to organic, local SEO. Simply put, we can use the right content and site features to help you reach people near you. (more…)

Start Planning for Spring Seasonal Marketing

Depending on what part of the country you’re in, spring can feel closer or further away. When snow continues to pummel the ground, it can be difficult to picture beautiful blooms taking its place, but spring is coming. It’s time to start planning for any spring seasonal marketing that you’d like to do. Staying ahead with your marketing calendar allows you to avoid scrambling for content, and it gives you the ability to adjust your schedule as needed. Spring break is on the horizon, so here are some marketing opportunities that your dental practice should consider. (more…)

Using Social Media Activity To Influence Your SEO

Is it really possible to boost your website’s SEO without making direct changes to the site? You can find exciting opportunities to improve your online visibility by making better use of your profiles on different social media accounts. These accounts give you new spaces to promote your practice, and help people feel more connected to you and your team. They also give you an extra boost when you need to share information, or new website content. We can help you engage with people online through website support, and by giving you valuable guidance on your social media activities. (more…)

Mobile-Friendly Sites Can Enjoy Better Google Rankings

What does it mean to have a site that is mobile-friendly? Simply put, you should have your webpage set up to work well for people when they access it through a mobile device like their smartphone, or a tablet. This can offer site visitors a better experience on a popular platform, which is why mobile-friendliness is something Google cares about. If you are concerned your site is not mobile-friendly, your ranking in relevant search results can slip, and you can lose the potential interest of people who find you on their phone or tablet. We can help you navigate this, and other matters of website design, that impact your ability to market your practice online. (more…)