PageRank Is Dead, But Does It Matter?

mdpmpagerankRecently, people were surprised to learn that Google is doing away with PageRank. Before, you could click on the toolbar icon and see how Google rated a page. For some, this was a metric to measure the success of a page or the website in general. With Google shuttering this tool, many people assume they’re flying blind. However, we believe the tool just isn’t as necessary as it once was.

Goodbye PageRank

Actually, PageRank will still be used by Google, but only internally. The SEOs and users just won’t have access to the data anymore. But we don’t think we’ve lost anything with this change. The fact is, Google is constantly updating its algorithm to create a better user experience. This means there are many metrics the search giant focuses on in order to rank pages. Having a singular focus on PageRank won’t do much for improving where your website arrives on a search engine result page. Instead, creating new content allows your website to be crawled and indexed, and providing a responsive, easy-to-navigate website improves user experience, which Google factors in when ranking. Instead of trying to focus on your ranking, focus on the product you provide your potential clients. You have a much better chance of improving SEO with this route.

Did PageRank Help or Hurt?

Some people aren’t mourning the loss of PageRank, they are celebrating it. recently published a celebratory article, covering the fact that many annoying black hat tactics catered solely to the PageRank tool. Without the extension, these tactics (links dropped in off-topic comments, spam emails begging for links, abuse of the nofollow attribute) are useless. However, the biggest plus, and one that doesn’t require MDPM Consulting to change our approach at all, is that businesses and practices benefit from focusing on content instead of scores.

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