How to Get Your Picture in Google Results

Google looks at rel equals author in HTML 5 when gauging SEO rankings. Want that in English? You need a Google+ profile linked to your blogs and websites.

About the middle of last year, in this blog, I told dentists that Google says you need to be seen as an expert. Using the authorship tag, ie: linking your Google+ profile with your blog, counts toward your expert status.

Have you seen Google results that feature a person’s photo next to a result? Those photos are pulled from Google+ profiles. By creating a back-and-forth link between your blog and your Google+ profile, your photo could start showing up next to your blogs – AND you’ll be seen as more of an expert by Google, which helps with SEO. This is just one more reason dentist need to blog.

Step by Step

This may be a bit too technical for you, and if so, MDPM can help.

  1. Create your personal/professional Google+ profile. Upload the profile picture you want to show up next to your Google results.
  2. Go to this Google Developer page and follow the instructions for embedding linking buttons for your blog, website, etc.

Need Help?

MDPM’s website, microsite, and blog clients have access to our Google+ setup package, which includes creating your personal/professional page and implementing the linking buttons mentioned above. If you are not an MDPM client, but would like to discuss your SEO and marketing strategy, call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861 or email us.