Pictures, Videos, and Humor Rock on Facebook

If you’ve ever wondered what to post on your dental practice’s Facebook page, and if you want to post something people will share with others, consider photos, videos, and humor. Just remember, keep it clean and don’t post anything that could potentially offend. Silly, happy, and fun are rules to live by when it comes to social networking.

PHOTOS: Everyone loves to see themselves and people they know in photographs. They also love to see pictures of kids and animals. Even more, people love funny captions on these photos. How can you leverage this for your Facebook page? Chose the office clown (the silliest person in your office) to snap some impromptu photos during the day, add captions, and run them by you to see if they might work for your Facebook page. Encourage employees to share pictures of their pets and travels on your Facebook page, as well. In addition, ask employees to share your Facebook business page posts on their own Facebook pages. You can also re-post pictures that you like on your business Facebook page. If you liked it enough to share it, someone else may feel the same way. This is how social networking works, folks!

VIDEOS: Sure, you can make your own videos to share on Facebook, but if you don’t have the time and energy to make a ton of videos, simply share others. I share YouTube videos of my favorite songs, TV clips, and silly stuff all the time. You can do this on your business page, as well. Like this one, for instance: As with pictures, videos can be liked and shared by your Facebook fans.

HUMOR: Keeping the mood light and fun, post humorous cartoons, jokes, photos, and videos on your Facebook page. For instance,

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