Plugins Revolutionize Dental Website Design

Plugins have been around for some time. Do you know what they are?

When you visit a website and see a cool, often interactive, motion feature, it might be a plugin. In the past, web developers had to build motion elements from scratch, which took a long time and, thus, became costly. Today, developers and designers can purchase plugins to enhance a site’s appearance and interactivity.

For dentist websites, plugins can provide an innovative display of before-and-after gallery photos, about us team photos, services menus, and testimonials. Plugins are often implemented in a website or blog banner to make a good first impression on website visitors.

Here are a few sample plugins for you to review:

Animation #1

Animation #2

Animation #3

Animation #4

Animation #5

If you’d like to explore plugins for your dental practice website, call MDPM today at 972-2781-8861. We offer completely custom websites, as well as customizable blogs and microsites.