PPC SEO: Investing in the Moment

seoPPC, or pay per click, describes an advertising opportunity. The most popular PPC is owned by Google and is called Google Adwords. You should know that you do not have to pay for Google Adwords to show up on page one of Google; you simply need a strategically, organically optimized website. However, if you want to pay to be on page one of Google because your website does not rank well, you can sign up for an Adwords campaign. You’ll select keyword phrases that you think potential dental patients might search for, and each of those phrases will be associated with a monetary figure. Then, you’ll pre-fund an account with Google Adwords. Every time your advertisement comes up on Google and someone clicks on it, your account will be debited the agreed upon monetary amount. When you run out of funds, Google will let you know.

What happens when you stop paying rent on a rental property? You are kicked out. The same is true of PPC with Google Adwords. When you stop funding your account, your ads no longer show up on SERPs. While this is a fair and reasonable arrangement, you will be left with nothing. If you had invested in natural SEO, your site may still be ranking high on Google SERPs, even during times when you don’t invest in additional content.

So, the short story is: natural SEO holds more long-term value than PPC SEO.

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