Ranking Factors For Beginners: On-Site – Part Two

mdpm part 2Google’s focus on user experience means examining a myriad of factors when ranking a website on a search results page. Last week, we examined a few important on-page factors that Google looks at  when ranking a site. Today, we’re looking at major on-site factors. Understanding what Google looks for is essential to any successful SEO and online marketing strategy. Not only can you potentially improve your rankings, but you can offer your clients a better user experience when they visit your site.

On-Site Ranking Factors and Signals

Mobile Friendly Site

Whether you’re at home or on the go, you most likely use your smartphone or tablet to search online for a business. Google understands how prevalent the use of smartphones has become and, as a result, they tend to rank mobile-friendly sites higher. You can’t afford not to have a responsive website anymore.

Verified by Google Webmasters Tools

There is still debate about whether having your website verified by Google’s Webmasters Tools helps with indexing. However, using this tool can still provide crucial information for optimizing your website.

Trustworthy Domain

Does Google trust you? This may seem like a strange question, but it’s a huge factor when ranking websites. Fortunately, there are several small steps you can take to help build trust, such as linking to sites with authority, having a clear privacy policy on the site, making sure your website is not being blocked by users, and providing a list of sources for referenced articles.

Site Map

A sitemap is a great way to let Google know what pages you have on your site, and helps make sure they are all indexed properly.

Server Location

Server location is another highly debated factor, but many experts in SEO believe that in certain countries or cities, the location of your server can have an impact on SEO.

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