SEO for Dentists: MDPM’s SEO Booster Packages

Every now and then, your dental website or blog’s SEO may seem to lag. Perhaps a few dentists in your community have increased their web presence or have begun an aggressive Internet marketing strategy. If you have noticed a decrease in your SEO, it could very well mean that competing dentists in your area have garnered Google or other popular search engines’ attention. To help reclaim lagging SEO or push your rankings above your competition, Modern Dental Practice Marketing is currently offering an SEO booster package.

SEO Booster Basics

Using only white-hat SEO tactics (those favored by Google), the SEO booster package will essentially attract indexing spiders to your dental website, your dental blog, and dental microsites. Our clients can purchase an SEO booster package as often as necessary to improve SEO rankings and website traffic.

The tactics we use in SEO booster packages have proven to be effective for our company’s SEO as well as some of our clients who have opted for this service. The SEO booster package attracts indexing spiders to your website by increasing your dental website and blogs number of backlinks. Our SEO tech team will also submit comments, pings, and RSS feeds to blog indexes to increase website traffic. In addition to SEO tactics, our dental copywriters will also supply two promotional articles that we will upload to our websites that highlight your practice and services with important keywords and hyperlinks to your current websites.

SEO Booster Benefits

  • Boost website traffic when your dental website or microsite is launched.
  • Improve current SEO rankings.
  • Compete with local dentists who also utilize Internet dental marketing.
  • Drive more traffic to your blog, microsites, and websites
  • Catch Google and other search engines’ attention.

While a dental website and dental blog are a necessity when it comes to dental marketing, an SEO boost from time to time can help increase the defectiveness of your overall internet marketing strategy. To discuss your dental marketing needs, SEO, and web presence, contact our CEO, Jill at (972) 781-8861 or e-mail us at [email protected].