SEO for Dentists: Dental Website Optimization

You’ve probably heard buzz words such as “optimization” and “keyword integration” at dental conventions. In fact, dental consultants throughout the country actively encourage dentists to integrate search engine optimization into their Internet marketing strategy. Optimizing for search engines helps bring traffic to your dental website and dental blog, which can ultimately bring new patients to your practice. For this type of organic SEO, dentists should focus on their community, keywords, and specific dental services.

Focus on Local

To attract potential patients, your dental website and blog should be optimized specifically for members of your community. For example, every page of your website should include a call to action directing web users to contact your office. An effective call to action involves placing your dental practice’s phone number in the paragraph and listing four to five surrounding communities or cities that you want to target.

Integrate Keywords

Keywords are important for attracting indexing spiders to the pages on your website. Indexing spiders scan text on web pages to correlate websites to certain search strings and keywords. Your dental website and blog should be peppered with both general and specific keywords. For example, web users in Detroit may type search strings such as “Detroit dentist” and “Detroit teeth whitening” into Google or other popular search engines. At Modern Dental Practice Marketing, we strategically place keywords throughout copy in both websites and blogs to target local search engine users in a specific geographical region.

Market Specific Services

As search engines have become more sophisticated at indexing web pages, specific keywords have become more important. For example, a web user looking to improve the appearance of their smile may search for “porcelain veneers San Francisco” because they are specifically looking for a dentist that offers porcelain veneers. You dental website should convey all the services you offer so that indexing spiders can deliver specific results to web users.

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