SEO Keyword Research for Dentists

Keywords are terms that your potential patients might type into Google when searching for a dentist with your services and in your area. To find good keywords, we can look at the Google Adwords Tool and assess the popularity of keywords we think might work well for your website or blog. Simple logic helps us determine the keyword list to research, and research results guide the direction of your dental practice’s SEO strategy.

To kick off a solid keyword strategy for your website and blog, start by listing cities or towns within 12 miles of your practice. Narrow down this list to towns that you want to pull patients from — meaning that towns with a very low median income or the wrong demographic may not accurately represent your target audience. After determining the towns for your keyword strategy, list words that relate to your services, symptoms of common dental problems, and special technology, products, or procedures you perform. For more direction on choosing keywords, call MDPM and schedule a keyword consultation.

Each month, we review our clients’ rankings for predetermined keywords. The list of keywords we research can be altered at any time. By keeping an eye on how your website and blog rank for various keywords, we can see which keywords need more attention (in blog posts or website optimization) and which ones are doing well. We then adjust the client’s editorial calendar so that we write blogs focusing on the keyword terms that need more emphasis. In addition to working on the blog for SEO improvement, if you have an MDPM website that’s supported and hosted by our team, we will adjust the SEO strategy in both the code and text. We may also recommend supplemental projects, like posting blog comments with backlinks or writing and submitting articles or press releases.

If you need help with your dental blog, or if you’re ready to start a blog, call Modern Dental Practice Marketing at 972-781-8861 today!