SEO Or Web Design?

mdpm-seo-designOften we find people arguing over which is more important for an online marketing strategy, web design or SEO? Some argue that even with a search engine optimization strategy, you won’t get anywhere with a poor design. Likewise, your poor design could go unnoticed without an SEO strategy to improve rankings. So, which of the two is more important?

Which is More Important?

Which is more important? The fact is, without SEO your beautiful new website may have difficulty achieving a high ranking, especially if there are other similar businesses or practices in your community. The goal of your online marketing strategy is to engage your current patients and to attract new ones. To accomplish this, you need search engine optimization.

Why Not Both?

However! For your search engine optimization strategy to work, you need an effective website. Remember, Google and other search engines are focused on user experience, they want to lead people to the websites most likely to help them. A poorly designed website, which may include difficult navigation, inaccurate NAP (name, address, phone number), or a nonresponsive design, will likely maintain lower rankings. Both search engine optimization and website design go hand in hand. In fact, your designers, builders, and copywriters should be incorporating SEO tactics throughout the design process.

Need Help?

As a professional, and business owner, your time is a luxury.You may prefer to hire someone to create your site and oversee your marketing strategy. If so, give us a call. Not only are we professionals, we want to help our clients grow their business with a solid marketing strategy, branding and logos, and a website that reflects their business and personality. If you have any questions about redesigning a site to creating a brand new one, give us a call today. We’re here to help!

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