Should Dentists Twitter? Should They Facebook?

The short answer is, “If your clientele will use it.” Just know that most dentists don’t use social networking in the most advantageous way…and the ROI can be very low. However, social networking with your current patients can and does project the image of a progressive dental practice with a friendly staff who like their jobs. That said, do not put all of your proverbial eggs in one little Internet basket.

FACT: Facebook and Twitter won’t help your website’s SEO strategy. They’re blocked from search engines. Good, solid SEO copywriting and keyword rich blogs will help your Google rankings.

In the hierarchy of marketing, here’s how I recommend you prioritize:

  • Community marketing
  • Retention and referral programs
  • Practice promotions
  • Optimized website and blog
  • Social networking

Social networking and blogging take time, as do successful practice promotions and community marketing. If you want to chat about your current marketing strategy and find out how the Modern Dental Practice Marketing Program can help your practice find success, call me.

I’m Jill, and I’ve been in the dental marketing field for four years, the copywriting field for eight years, and the promotional marketing field for 12 years. I know dentistry, and I know dental patients. Even better, I know how to attract and retain the demographic who will become your best and most faithful patients. With the MDPM team of experts, your practice can get on the fast track to growth.