Should I Be Encouraging Reviews?

Let’s say you overhear someone talking about a great new restaurant or store in your neighborhood. You decide to check the place out, but first, what do you do? Like most people, you whip out your smartphone and Google them. You then look at what other people are saying first and foremost. After all, you want to make sure this place is worth your time, right? That’s exactly why as a dentist, you need to be encouraging reviews.

Reviews and SEO

Can having testimonials from your patients help search engine optimization? Yes! Google will take reviews on your Google My Business page and on Facebook into account when ranking search results. A lack of them, or primarily poor ones, can have a negative impact on your rankings and also turn away potential leads when people in your community research you.

What Not to Do

Now, in the pursuit of reviews, people often resort to tactics that can backfire and end up leaving your website penalized. One of the most common ones we involve are writing up a bunch of fake ones for your social media pages or Google My Business page. Don’t have staff members leave a bunch of fake five-star ones, Google can tell. You want original ones written by your patients, otherwise you could end up hurting your SEO.

Promotions and More

We suggest simply asking patients following treatment to leave their thoughts on Facebook or your Google page. You’d be surprised how often simply asking can succeed! You can also run a promotion. For example, we’ve had several clients have success with the “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” campaign. You simply offer a five-dollar Starbucks gift card in exchange for a review. People tend to prefer smaller immediate rewards to a chance to be entered in a drawing to win a larger one.

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