Should You Have A Newsletter?

Part of your online marketing strategy is finding unique ways of staying in contact with our patients. How do you let them know about new promotions or specials? What about new treatment options that have recently become available? In addition to social media and blogging, you may also consider a newsletter!

What are the Benefits of One?

A newsletter can provide a great opportunity to reach out to your patients about big events in your office. Our clients tend to send one once a month, and we do as well. They are sent out via email. For smaller mailings that focus on a single topic, you can send out an eblast in lieu of a full newsletter. We often do just that for important information we want our clients to see asap!

What’s in a Newsletter?

For ours, we tend to focus on important topics. Our January one contained information on bolstering your online marketing strategy in 2018, such as details about social media, improving website content, or taking advantage of our free consultation to examine your online marketing plan and create an action list of items to improve your strategy.

Our clients’ will typically include information about new team members, excerpts from blogs they really want more people to see, or details about promotions or contests. Others contain fun things as well, such as ugly sweater contests or Halloween decorating contests.

We can Help!

Not sure where to start with an online mailing? We can help! Our team will create a newsletter that you can look over and approve. We will then format it and send it out to your patients for you. If you have any questions or concerns about mailings, then contact our office today. We want to make sure your practice continues to grow and flourish in 2018, so give us a call.

Would you like to learn more about eblasts and newsletters? Ready to help expand your online marketing plan and help your practice grow? We can help! Then contact us today and let us help! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at [email protected], or give us a call at 972-781-8861!