Simple Online Dental Marketing Evaluation

What has worked for you in 2010? Have you spent your marketing dollars wisely? Have you seen a good ROI (return on investment)?

Based on years of working with dentists, combined with what we know to be the most cost effective form of marketing, we’ve developed an online dental marketing assessment for you. This online form will make you think about what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what your plans should be for the coming year.

Click Here for the Dental Marketing Evaluation

Feel free to use the evaluation as a guide for planning, or, if you have questions, just call Jill at 972-781-8861.

In addition to building blog websites, writing blogs, and managing the online presence for dentists, MDPM offers copywriting, graphic design, and PR services. We have a turnkey solution for efficient, completely managed e-newsletters and e-mail blast campaigns, as well. If you’re starting from ground zero, we can create your brand, logo, and professional image. If you’re ready to update your marketing efforts, we’ll consult with you about rewriting or recreating your website, updating your search engine optimization, adding a blog, and getting involved with social networking. A consultation is complimentary, so give us a call if you need assistance.