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Answers to Questions About Dentists Emails

G-Mail has a new look this week (you can opt in if on the bottom right), and if the business themes doesn’t make you nuts, there are some great ones to choose from. But all that aside, I want to answer a few questions about email for a dentist’s office. Email is essential in business… Read more »

How to Effectively Delegate Dental Website Tasks

So, you’ve decided it’s time for a dental practice website – or a makeover of your current site. That’s awesome. Before you pass the power to your spouse, hygienist, or office manager, you should take care of a few items. Obviously, you don’t have time to manage every detail of your website or marketing efforts;… Read more »

A Dentist’s Website is Not a Commercial

What Should a Dentist’s Website Be? Dentists have not always had the privilege (or pain) of marketing. Just a few decades ago, dentists were allowed the opportunity to advertise in the Yellow Pages. Times have changed, and that’s an understatement. You know that you need a website, but what is a website? What will it… Read more »

Leverage Your Website & Blog for Patient Education

Most health care professionals prioritize patient education, because an educated patient makes wise, informed decisions for treatment. This translates into higher case acceptance rates for your practice. While personal consultations, combined with videos, images, and print materials are important in patient education, don’t overlook the most convenient and customized tool in your arsenal: your website… Read more »

Truth About Google Page One for Dentists

Honest techies are quick to tell you that you may or may not get to be on page one of Google, despite the most diligent efforts. Dishonest techies will promise spot one, page one if you pay enough — but they can’t produce. I read an article today, by a techie, that argued the point,… Read more »

Evidence-Based Marketing for Websites & Blogs

“Blogs won’t help your website rankings.” “Your blog should be on your website domain, not a separate domain.” “Metatag descriptions are vital to Google Rankings.” If you’ve heard any of these pieces of advice, you’ve been misled. They are false! That’s not my opinion, it’s fact based on information Google has published and research generated… Read more »

3 Tips to Consider Before Dental Web Design

A dental website design should have some of the same components of any other service-oriented website, but there are also special features to consider. For instance, you may want your dental website to include a before-and after gallery, patient testimonials (written or in video form), and interactive features, like quizzes with responses you can capture… Read more »

Dentists as Experts In the Media

Do you dream of being the Dr. Oz of dentistry? One of the advantages of Internet marketing is that you can quickly position yourself (and your team members) as an expert in your field of expertise. Adding a page to your website is just one way to start sculpting your expert status.

Where Have All the Google Tags Gone?

Boost Ads allow targeted information to be highlighted, say a phone number or address, rather than just placing a yellow arrow by a listing. Boost advertisements are represented by blue (virtual) pushpins, whereas regular Google Places free listings are represented by red pins.