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The Original Dental Ghost Blogger

When it comes to quality, oftentimes the original is your best bet. For instance, the carbonated beverages aisle of the grocery store boast brands like Kountry Mist, Citrus Drop, and Mountain Rush, but it was 7 Up that broke into the soda pop market with a lemon-lime soda in 1929. Other name brands, Mountain Dew… Read more »

Groupon, Print Marketing, and Facebook Deals for Dentists

The Oregon Dental Association now says that dentists can’t use Groupon for marketing in Oregon. And, on a side note, the BCE made the same decision regarding chiropractors. Why? Because Groupon gets a referral fee or commission, and that’s against the rules. The deal that broke the camel’s back offered a $49 Invisalign exam, x-rays,… Read more »

What Sets Your Dental Office Apart?

I have asked this question thousands of times through the years. Funny thing is, most dentists (if not all) say that their one-on-one attention and customer service make their dental practice better than others. Better is a bad word when discussing dentists. I know that you have a respected peer relationship with other dentists in your area. However, you’re a dentist and I’m a dental marketing expert. One of us has to consider your peers competition. Let it be me.

Oh Yeah. We Do That, Too!

Modern Dental Practice Marketing is growing and evolving. Many of our clients have asked for very custom dental marketing packages, and we’ve recently expanded our services to include custom videos, search engine optimization and reporting, email and print newsletters, branding identity, and even completely custom copywriting and print projects. Here’s a rundown of what MDPM can do for your dental practice:

5 Reasons Every Dentist Needs a Blog

1. Blogs are great for SEO. Search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, count blog posts as news. This means that blog posts rank higher than similar content on regular webpages. Want to be found for cosmetic dentistry in your city? One webpage won’t cut it. You can fill your blog with multiple posts per… Read more »

Great Resource for Dental Newsletters & Blogs

These days, there’s a reason to celebrate everything! And why not? Celebrations are the fun stuff of life. If you’re planning a dental practice newsletter, or if you’re in charge of coming up with unique blog ideas, check out this website. All the national health celebration dates are listed for 2011.

Regarding Those Crazy Google Search Changes

Google recently changed the algorithm for search engine results, and your blog and website will probably be affected. As of last Saturday, after the change, most of our clients showed up on page one. However, the rankings on SERPs (search engine results pages) are changing minute by minute now! You could lose your page one listing in a matter of seconds. The way to avoid this is twofold.