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10 Things to Tell Your Dental Marketing Company

The best dental marketing company can help your practice grow, but they can’t do it alone. Why? Because today, people expect a personal touch in marketing – particularly from a private practice, and even more so from a healthcare provider. In the past, a dentist could hang up a sign and patients would book appointments…. Read more »

Did You Know? Dental Website SEO Secrets

DID YOU KNOW… Google likes fresh content? In fact, word from Google experts confirms that original, well-written, informational text is the single most important factor for SEO rankings? DID YOU KNOW… While its grasp on the market is falling, Google holds a solid 66% of the search engine market, and Bing recently jumped up to… Read more »

Dentist Guest Blogs & SEO Booster

Have you heard about guest blogs and backlinks? Both are great for SEO. Here’s the scoop: Backlinks: The best backlinks for search engine optimization (SEO) are hyperlinks to your dental website from another dental-related website…or blog. Guest Blogs: Guest blogs are blogs written by a friend or expert, then posted on your blog. The most… Read more »

No Time for Facebook! Show Me the Money!

More and more, I’m seeing mixed reviews about social media in the business world. Just this morning on LinkedIn, two of the top articles are: “18 Minutes a Day to Social Media Time Management” and “Stop Wasting Time on Social Media.” As a dentist, you run a business (which is a full-time job within itself),… Read more »

Rule #1: Everyone’s time is important, not just yours!

No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye, I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late!!! Do you ever feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? We all have busy schedules, and sometimes we wake up early, go to bed late, and fill every free minute with work. It’s all part of investing yourself in your business…. Read more »

Google Q&A for Dentists

Q: What’s up with my Google ranking? It’s interesting that from Friday thru the weekend, if I typed my city + dentist or dentist, my name was coming up first (it never did before). Now it is back to the bottom of the page.  The Google Places listing order is pretty much unchanged. Are other… Read more »

So You Don’t Know How to Use a Blog

This is a pretty general statement, but if it describes you, then settle in and read this post. If you don’t know how to use blogging software, like WordPress or Blogger… These are the most popular free blogging tools. WordPress actually has two options, wordpress.com and wordpress.org. The .com allows hosting with WordPress. Customization is… Read more »

Patient Testimonials in Marketing Could Boost Conversion by 100%+

I recently read about a marketing company that performed a study on the effectiveness of testimonials in marketing. We already know that over 70% of Internet users believe online testimonials. This new study showed that sales letters that included testimonials had a 166% better conversion rate than those without. So how can you use dental… Read more »

5 Reasons Every Dentist Needs a Blog

1. Blogs are great for SEO. Search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, count blog posts as news. This means that blog posts rank higher than similar content on regular webpages. Want to be found for cosmetic dentistry in your city? One webpage won’t cut it. You can fill your blog with multiple posts per… Read more »

QR Codes in Dental Marketing

Put the QR code in your office on the wall, on your signage, on direct mail pieces, in articles and advertisements, or even on stickers to put anywhere you like. When people come across the code, if they’re curious and tech-savvy, they’ll scan the code and be directed to your website.