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Cater to the Searcher, Not the Search Engine

Myth: Usability does not affect SEO. Reality: The importance of usability to SEO cannot be overstated. Many of the things we consider essential to creating a positive user experience also have a direct impact on your search ranking and visibility. It wasn’t always this way. SEO began as a method of catering solely to search… Read more »

Two Keyword Myths Debunked

Keyword Myth #1: Optimal keyword density is a specific number. Reality: There’s no such number; keyword density is mostly subjective. Keywords are the hallmark of on-page search engine optimization, and they’re also one of its most commonly misunderstood elements. For starters, there is no truth to the notion that inserting your focus keyword into content… Read more »

Guidelines for Great Dental Website Title Tags

What are Title Tags? The title tag of a web page can be seen in a few places. Of course it’s in the code, with metadata, but it is also in the page tab and comes up as the page name when someone bookmarks the page. Title tags show up in search results as the… Read more »

Quick Lesson about Keywords

You may already know that keywords are words or phrases you type into a search engine in an effort to find specific information. If you want a home builder, you might type “custom homes Dallas” or “log homes Virginia.” The words in quotations are keyword phrases. A log home builder in Virginia who has optimized… Read more »

Strategic Website Pages Boost Website Rankings for Dentists

When considering your dental practice’s SEO strategy, you’ll first want to select keyword phrases. These terms should be the words that you believe your potential patients will type into Google when searching for a dentist like you, with the services and experience you offer. As a dentist, not an SEO strategist, you may not know… Read more »

SEO Keyword Research for Dentists

To find good keywords, we can look at the Google Adwords Tool and assess the popularity of keywords we think might work well for your website or blog. Simple logic helps us determine the keyword list to research, and research results guide the direction of your dental practice’s SEO strategy.