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Google Says Organic More Important than Paid Ads

Though Google is hot to trot to sell Google Adwords, the company recently provided information that shows, organic SEO is second only to direct referrals (like word of mouth), when it comes to making a purchase decision. Google released some new information on Think Insights called “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase,” and while dentistry… Read more »

Converting Web Visitors to New Patients

Sometimes Google Analytics numbers show that a website and blog are receiving good traffic and ranking high for targeted keywords, but the data doesn’t translate to telephone calls and new patients. Many dentists become frustrated with this situation, as do the website companies that manage SEO. Instead of becoming frustrated, let’s analyze this situation to… Read more »

Tracking ROI for Websites, Blogs, and Print Marketing

Return on investment, or ROI, is the bottom line of any marketing tool. What do you get out of the time, money, and talent you invest? Are you just taking a gamble with every new marketing venture? In the past, tracking ROI was difficult, and this holds true in print marketing today. Internet marketing, however,… Read more »

Dear Dentist, Don’t Do This with Your QR Code!

Here on the MDPM blog, we’ve discussed QR codes: what they are, how to use them, how to get one. Over the past year, you may have noticed QR codes on a variety of items. Macy’s holiday commercial featured a red, star-shaped QR code. I’ve also noticed the little squares on everything from softball bats… Read more »

90-Day Dental Marketing Plans

You can do anything for 90 days if you set your mind to it, and sticking with 90-day plans can add up to significant long-term benefits. Take, for instance, a diet. If you stick with a low-carb, low-sugar diet and increase your exercise for 90 days, you will lose weight and become stronger. How about… Read more »

How One Dentist Doubled Her Website Traffic

A study by HubSpot tells us that businesses with active blogs get 55% more website traffic, 434% more indexed pages, and 97% more inbound links than those without blogs. The study is based on 1531 HubSpot customers, of whom 795 blog and 736 do not blog. These statistics make great headlines for marketers to attract… Read more »

Dentist Bios: Professional vs. Personal

Dentists often ask me if adding team bios to a website is important. The best answer is, if you don’t have high turnaround and you’re willing to allow a little personality into your bio pages, it’s absolutely a good idea. Why You Need Dental Website Bios The “about” page of a dentist’s website is the… Read more »

Dentist Marketing SEO Piece by Piece

Part 2: METADATA for DENTISTS This is part two in our series on dental marketing SEO. Another important factor is metadata, thought it’s not quite as important as dental website content and blogs. There are three primary components to metadata: title tag, description, and keywords. You’ll hear some techies say that keywords are not important,… Read more »

Dentist Marketing SEO Piece by Piece

Part 1: HIGH QUALITY DENTAL CONTENT Over the past few weeks, I’ve harped a bit on what Google wants from dentists when it comes to Internet marketing. If you give Google what it wants, you’ll get what you want from your Internet marketing strategy: higher rankings, which translates into more new patients. The bottom line… Read more »