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Weekend Warrior Dental Marketing Tip

On your website, add a page just for moms. Provide printable brushing and flossing charts, tooth development charts, tips and color sheets that mothers can use to educate their children and promote healthy oral homecare habits. Round out this page’s impact by including links to women’s health websites. You might even encourage your female patients to submit recipes for this area of your website.

The Dentist’s Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip

Partner with the most influential persons in your community! Who in your community knows all about their client’s families, love lives and secrets? Who knows who is getting married, starting a new job or dating a new beau? It’s hair dressers! Hair dressers not only spend quality time with their customers, but they do so… Read more »

Dallas – Fort Worth – Denton Dental Marketing: Claim Your Piece of the Pie

Of the estimated 5 million people in the DFW area, every single one has a mouth. Thus, practicality dictates that 5 million people in DFW need a dentist. In May, unemployment in Texas was 8.3, while the US’s rate was 9.7. It stands to reason that you, my dear dentist friend, are in the right place at the right time.