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First Steps in a Modern Dental Practice Marketing Consultation

So you’ve been mulling over the thought of a dental practice blog, or a new logo and brand, or a new website. You don’t want some fast-talking sales guy to wrap you up and grab your wallet before you know what’s going on, and marketing, honestly, is not your strong suit. I want to let you know what you can expect on the first call with Jill when you contact Modern Dental Practice Marketing.

CareCredit Drastically Increases Profitability for Dentists

This morning, dental technology guru Dr. Larry Emmott featured a very interesting article in his e-newsletter. It explained a study by the Academy of Dental CPAs. The short version is, CareCredit is very, very important to dentists.

Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip for Dentists: Giveaways that keep on giving

People love free stuff! They get excited, they even thank you, but does it really drive business back to your office? We can all agree that some amount of chotsky (free stuff of inconsequential value) is necessary.  However, you need to be sure to pick items that have some staying power and maximize your marketing… Read more »

The Dentist’s Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip

Be a mad scientist! Want to make your office not just kid friendly, but a place your patients go to for science education?  Then all you have to do is set up a small “science experiment lab” in the corner of your waiting room or any area that you are not using right now. You… Read more »

The Dentist’s Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip

Partner with the most influential persons in your community! Who in your community knows all about their client’s families, love lives and secrets? Who knows who is getting married, starting a new job or dating a new beau? It’s hair dressers! Hair dressers not only spend quality time with their customers, but they do so… Read more »

Computers for Marketing IN the Dental Practice

Don’t you love technology? Chairside monitors in the operatories let you show your patients digital images, like radiographs and smile previews. Patients can watch educational videos right in the dental chair. Then, in the front office, computers make filing and transferring records sooo much easier. Even submitting insurance claims is more convenient because of technology…. Read more »

Why an MDPM Blog is Excellent for Your Dental Practice Publicity

At one of my favorite SEO info sites, Level343.com, Gabriella Sannino tells us, “At this point in SEO and search engine placement, site optimization builds the foundation, but linking and fresh content is absolutely necessary to stay on top.” This is precisely why you should keep your main website and add an MDPM blog. Our… Read more »