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The Dental Website Design Process

We’re often asked what happens during our website design and development process, and what the client dentist can expect. Creating a website is a project that requires communication and effort on the part of the creative team and the dental practice. Our team does all we can to make the journey easy. We know that… Read more »

“What Makes Your Dental Websites Better?”

Not everyone asks this question when interviewing a dental website designer, but it is an important question that should be asked. What makes your websites better than others? Any company that is not prepared to answer this question, without using jargon and sales BS, isn’t worth your time. I was speaking with a respected Florida… Read more »

90-Day Dental Marketing Plans

You can do anything for 90 days if you set your mind to it, and sticking with 90-day plans can add up to significant long-term benefits. Take, for instance, a diet. If you stick with a low-carb, low-sugar diet and increase your exercise for 90 days, you will lose weight and become stronger. How about… Read more »

How to Effectively Delegate Dental Website Tasks

So, you’ve decided it’s time for a dental practice website – or a makeover of your current site. That’s awesome. Before you pass the power to your spouse, hygienist, or office manager, you should take care of a few items. Obviously, you don’t have time to manage every detail of your website or marketing efforts;… Read more »

Rule #1: Everyone’s time is important, not just yours!

No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye, I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late!!! Do you ever feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? We all have busy schedules, and sometimes we wake up early, go to bed late, and fill every free minute with work. It’s all part of investing yourself in your business…. Read more »

When Dentists Don’t Have Time to Write Blogs

You’re busy. As a dentist, you have a business to run, patients to treat, and people to manage. And let’s not forget, you also need to plan your marketing, keep up with P&L, and accrue CEs. When on earth are you supposed to find time to blog? While some social media experts preach that business… Read more »

3 Tips to Consider Before Dental Web Design

A dental website design should have some of the same components of any other service-oriented website, but there are also special features to consider. For instance, you may want your dental website to include a before-and after gallery, patient testimonials (written or in video form), and interactive features, like quizzes with responses you can capture… Read more »

Patient Testimonials in Marketing Could Boost Conversion by 100%+

I recently read about a marketing company that performed a study on the effectiveness of testimonials in marketing. We already know that over 70% of Internet users believe online testimonials. This new study showed that sales letters that included testimonials had a 166% better conversion rate than those without. So how can you use dental… Read more »

Dental Website Design is Another Story

Dental website design is very different from dental ad design, therefore, you have to approach building your website differently than you would a print ad.