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Google Plus Your World and Dental Marketing

A new year, in this generation, brings changes from Google, along with a landslide of projections about marketing trends. Last year, while Jill and I were at the Chicago Midwinter, Google rolled out Panda. This bulk of changes to Google’s algorithm prioritized original text, which only proved that MDPM’s approach to Internet marketing is on… Read more »

The Original Dental Ghost Blogger

When it comes to quality, oftentimes the original is your best bet. For instance, the carbonated beverages aisle of the grocery store boast brands like Kountry Mist, Citrus Drop, and Mountain Rush, but it was 7 Up that broke into the soda pop market with a lemon-lime soda in 1929. Other name brands, Mountain Dew… Read more »

Does Every Dentist Need a Website?

Does Your Dental Practice Need — Really Need — a Website? Yes. I have worked for people who say no. Their thought is similar to the owners of many successful private dental practices: If your practice is doing well and you don’t need any more new patients, then you don’t need a website. This is… Read more »

Top 10 Blog Ideas for Dentists

This morning, Hubspot sent me an email with a guide to spotting bad SEO. In it, buyers were told to beware of ten specific tactics, three of which relate to writing. I strongly agree with all three. So, to blogging dentists, I want to reiterate these points before going into blog topics. Target the Right… Read more »

Can a Blog Be a Website?

Yes. Many of our clients have a blog and no primary website. In competitive markets, like Dallas, Chicago, and other large cities, you should have more than one website to increase your Google rankings. However, you can opt for multiple blogs. Why choose a blog instead of a website?

Simple Online Dental Marketing Evaluation

What has worked for you in 2010? Have you spent your marketing dollars wisely? Have you seen a good ROI (return on investment)?

Based on years of working with dentists, combined with what we know to be the most cost effective form of marketing, we’ve developed an online dental marketing assessment for you. This online form will make you think about what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what your plans should be for the coming year.

Modern Dental Practice Marketing Announces New Employee & New Dental Writing Website

If you read our blog because you like the tips, but you prefer to do your own dental copywriting, you might like our sister blog, www.WordsforDentists.com. We’ve revamped Words for Dentists, and now it will feature important information about writing marketing copy for web and print. You’ll find all kinds of great scoop about dental blog writing, dental website content writing, composing press releases, flyers, print ads, and other important types of content marketing.

When to Rewrite & Revise Your Dental Website

We got a call this week from an office manager who had been looking for someone to rewrite and finish the text on a dental website. She’d been quoted prices in the thousands, and the site is not very big. It’s silly, really, that: A) no one wants to revise, rewrite, or finish an incomplete website’s text and B) that companies use exorbitant prices to run off potential customers instead of just sending them to Macy’s (movie reference, Miracle on 34th Street. MDPM is the Macy’s in this analogy.)

The Quiz of One Hundred: Win a Free Book!

It’s a special day for Modern Dental Practice Marketing! We’ve changed our banner, have a new writer joining our team today (yay Sara), and are meeting and exceeding our company goals. Our clients are happy, and they make us happy. So, to celebrate, we’re giving stuff away! The first person to send me correct answers… Read more »

The Dentist’s Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip

Help a reporter out! Would you like to be quoted and listed as a source in a news article for a local, regional or even a national news outlet? Join Help A Reporter Out (HARO), and you’ll have the opportunity to become that source. Prior to the advent of HARO three years ago, reporters relied on… Read more »