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What’s Your Happy Meal? Marketing to Moms & Kids

In 1979, McDonalds rolled out an innovation that revolutionized marketing in the fast food industry: the Happy Meal. St.Louis regional advertising manager, Dick Brams, dreamed up the gimmick in 1977. Since then, the Happy Meal has become iconic across the globe, and some connoisseurs are serious Happy Meal toy collectors. There is no denying, the… Read more »

The Right Dental Website: Target Market and Keywords

Where is a dentist supposed to go for professional web design? You could turn to a company that specializes in small business web design, but you really need experts who understand the American Dental Association’s and your state dental board’s dental marketing guidelines. You also need writers who understand dentistry: technology, research, and procedures. Furthermore,… Read more »

Weekend Warrior Dental Marketing Tip

On your website, add a page just for moms. Provide printable brushing and flossing charts, tooth development charts, tips and color sheets that mothers can use to educate their children and promote healthy oral homecare habits. Round out this page’s impact by including links to women’s health websites. You might even encourage your female patients to submit recipes for this area of your website.

Custom Dental Videos for Your YouTube Channel, Website, and Blog

Dental marketing is an ever-changing industry. To accommodate our client dentists with innovative tools that effectively promote dentistry on the Internet, MDPM has developed custom dental videos, focused on marketing, rather than patient education.

QR Codes in Dental Marketing

Put the QR code in your office on the wall, on your signage, on direct mail pieces, in articles and advertisements, or even on stickers to put anywhere you like. When people come across the code, if they’re curious and tech-savvy, they’ll scan the code and be directed to your website.

Dentists Should Check Their Google Rankings Today: Going Up?

Since 2009 or before, Google has shown concern over how to make their SERPs legitimate. With top-ranking companies pushing out tons of irrelevant, poorly written, and non-factual content daily, Google had a big job. MDPM was ahead of the curve, though. We followed Google’s rules, and it has paid off four our clients.

5 Social Networking Tasks Dentists Can Hire a Teenager to Do

Having been in dental marketing for years, I know that most dentists don’t have the staff or time to invest in an all-out social media marketing campaign. I do think, however, there are a few things your front office person can do to get your office engaged on Facebook. You can even hire your teenage daughter to do these things. Seriously, $10 an hour, 5 hours a week – not much of an investment. The return will show up, most likely, in patients being more loyal to you, giving you free word-of-mouth referrals, and remembering to keep up with recall visits and follow up with treatment. Why? Because you’ll be engaged, showing that you care!