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Investing in People is Investing in Business

What’s more precious, money or time? The correct answer is both. When Jill and I founded Modern Dental Practice Marketing, we decided that we would invest in people as part of our business. First, I’ll tell you what we’re doing and what we’ve learned, then I’ll give you some practical ways to get involved with– and get new patients from– your community.

a wRant on dental writinG & marketINg

At MDPM, we respect the written word, so we employ talented writers who understand not only spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but also dentistry, marketing, and search engine optimization.

Be a Smart Dentist. Plan for 2011 Now!

Can you believe that January is less than two months away?!? Jill and I are going away to the lake this weekend to do some strategic planning for 2011. We thought you might want a little reminder that the year is almost over! Sure, you’re planning for the holidays, but what about the next quarter? What hasn’t worked for your practice in 2010? How will you change that for better business in 2011?

Educating the Dental Team for Patient Retention

I’m a mom, and moms talk. The very best marketing you could ever hope to have is word of mouth. So I want to share with you a dental visit I had and two reasons that I did not give the practice a good word-of-mouth referral. My review, when asked (and I was asked), was that it wasn’t the right place for my family.

Free Mobile Coupon for Dentists (Thanks, Google Places!)

Google Places will allow you to create a mobile coupon at no cost. That’s right, pro gratis. Gotta love Google. You can add a coupon for teeth whitening, new patient exam, or a seasonal offer (which is always fun). Seasonal offers might be something like, Does your breath scare people? During October, visit Dr. [Dracula] for 25% off all professional Breath Rx products. By the time the you’re passing out candy, you’ll have the sweetest breath in town. Feel free to use that. I’d be honored.

MDPM Dental Blog Subscribers Contest: Win a Copy of Un Marketing

Become a fan of The Business Book Club with Mod Mark on Facebook. There, you’ll find other professionals reviewing, commenting, and sharing ideas about Un Marketing and other business books. Be sure to look at the Discussion pages to comment on other books and concepts. The purpose of The Business Book Club with Mod Mark is to bring together small business owners, including dentists like you, who want to network and learn more about marketing for success.

Dental Website Design: 5 Tips for Conversion

IT and Internet marketing professionals often focus on traffic statistics and search engine rankings, but that’s just part of the picture. All the web traffic in the world means nothing to your dental practice unless some of those visitors become patients. So how can you entice your site visitors to schedule an appointment? It’s going to take time… someone’s time. You can do these things yourself, or you can call me at Modern Dental Practice Marketing to do them for you.