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Let’s Revisit QR Codes in Dental Marketing

If you read this blog often, you know I love to answer questions for my clients. On Saturday, a client dentist asked me whether QR codes would work in his marketing strategy. I wrote about QR codes back in April, but this time I’ll delve into the topic a little more. We’ll start with basics,… Read more »

Are Dentists’ Facebook Fans Local?

Some interesting information hit my email box this morning, thanks to Dr. Emmott’s blog. An article at www.pcmag.com tells us “Most Facebook Fans of Small Businesses Aren’t Local, Study Finds.” I know that’s the case with the MDPM Facebook page. We have fans from all over the globe — but we also have a client… Read more »

5 Essentials for Dental Marketing

Today I hosted a webinar on marketing cosmetic dentistry, and we covered five of the YOU CAN’T AVOID THIS AND SUCCEED things that dentist must do for successful Internet marketing. Here they are, in order of importance: 1.       Custom Website – and keep it up to date 2.       Custom Blog Site – and post regularly… Read more »

Facebook Birthday Wishes and Marketing Your Dental Practice

Facebook, ah the mysterious Facebook. It’s pretty cut and dry for personal use, but when it comes to using Facebook for business, some folks stumble…then give up. I have a whole bag of tricks for marketing on Facebook, and I’ll throw you a freebie. This one works on personal pages, not fan pages…so it’s relevant… Read more »

Social Media Marketing & Small Business… Worth Your Time?

I’ve said before that Facebook may or may not bring you new business, and I stand by that statement. However, we have to look at the nature of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other Internet communities to understand how and why social networking can be profitable. You’ve been to a face-to-face networking event; the awkward feel… Read more »

Microsites Pack Power Punch for Dentists Online

In most cases, a microsite focuses on one service, though it may encompass an entire list of services. If you want more patients for Invisalign, dental implants, CEREC crowns, cosmetic dentistry, or other specific services, you should consider a microsite.

An MDPM blog website can function as a microsite that ranks well on search engines.

Free Report: How to Make Facebook Work for Your Dental Practice

August 10, 2010 (Dallas, Tx): Dentists and dental office administrators can establish and maintain a successful Facebook Fan (Business) Page by following the advice in “How to Make Facebook Work for Your Dental Practice.” The no-cost report features practical tips that are easy to understand and follow. Three essential components of an effective plan for… Read more »

For Dentists Who Want to be Number One on Google

An article published on Open Forum for Small Business perfectly describes why you need dental blog websites in addition to your main dental practice site. Here’s an overview: You don’t have to be #1 on Google, but being in more than one position for listings 2 – 9 is a great plan. People usually skip… Read more »