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PR for Your Dental Practice’s Big Event

So you’re going to have a booth at a local women’s show. Or maybe you’ve invited local realtors to your office for an after-hours hors d’oeuvre party so that you can introduce them to your office (in hope that they will tell new homeowners about you). You could be hosting a day of free Invisalign screenings, oral cancer screenings, or dental cleanings. Whatever your event, if you want to leverage it, you need good PR.

The All-Time, Best Ever Dental Marketing Team in the Universe

Jill and I are so pleased to have such an amazing team! These women arrive early, stay late, work from home, and love working together. Each has a special talent and a great personality. I want to share with you just who’s working on your MDPM website, blog, and marketing projects. In addition to having excellent work ethic, great attitudes, and genuine respect for our clients, our team is a joy – A JOY – to work with! Here’s the low down on some of the girls.

Oh Yeah. We Do That, Too!

Modern Dental Practice Marketing is growing and evolving. Many of our clients have asked for very custom dental marketing packages, and we’ve recently expanded our services to include custom videos, search engine optimization and reporting, email and print newsletters, branding identity, and even completely custom copywriting and print projects. Here’s a rundown of what MDPM can do for your dental practice:

Words for Dentists Presents a Four-Part Blog on Press Releases for Dentists

If you’re participating in Halloween Candy Buy Back or any other newsworthy events this holiday season, don’t miss the Words for Dentists blog series, Dentist Press Releases. You’ll learn why, how, when, and where to use press releases to promote your dental office online and in your local paper. Visit http://wordsfordentists.wordpress.com/ to read the blog,… Read more »