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The Dental Website Design Process

We’re often asked what happens during our website design and development process, and what the client dentist can expect. Creating a website is a project that requires communication and effort on the part of the creative team and the dental practice. Our team does all we can to make the journey easy. We know that… Read more »

Did You Know? Dental Website SEO Secrets

DID YOU KNOW… Google likes fresh content? In fact, word from Google experts confirms that original, well-written, informational text is the single most important factor for SEO rankings? DID YOU KNOW… While its grasp on the market is falling, Google holds a solid 66% of the search engine market, and Bing recently jumped up to… Read more »

Dentist Website SEO that Works

Search engine optimization is a science. Each website requires creating a hypothesis about which keywords and strategy will create the highest rankings and most traffic. Then, the hypothesis is tested, the results analyzed, and the keywords and strategy altered as necessary to yield even better results. This is an ongoing process, primarily because contributing factors… Read more »

Indian-Based SEOs and Your Dentistry Website

Do Indians Do It Better? Everyone who owns a website receives emails about bigger, better, and cheaper search engine optimization. I’ve run a successful dental website company for years, and every single day I get emails about how “Mark” or “Sally” can make my website rank higher on Google because of their highly successful technical… Read more »

Is it Time to Update Your Dental Website Text?

How Google Indexes Websites In case you’re new to this blog, I’ll say it again: Google holds over 93% of the market for search engines, and Bing and Yahoo fight it out with the little guys for the remaining 7%. So, it just makes sense that online marketing strategists turn to Google for information on… Read more »

Tips for Best Dental Website Keywords

You’ve probably heard the term “keyword” quite a bit, especially if your dentist office has a website that’s optimized for search. Do you know what keywords are, how they should be selected, and how to leverage them for the best SEO results and top Google rankings? You may not be an SEO guru, but informed… Read more »

5 Secrets to Best Dentist Website SEO

Today, I watched a video about how SEO grows over time. It’s true. We know that organic SEO is better than paid search: 70% of web users don’t click on PPC ads, like Adwords on Google, and when you stop funding your PPC account, your ads go away. With organic search, once your dentist website… Read more »

Dental Marketing, the Human Approach

I’m often asked what makes MDPM Consulting different from other dental website companies. A comparison isn’t apples to apples, that’s for sure. Here are just a few points to answer that question: 1. We don’t rely on automated systems to generate SEO data. We pull the data and a human analyzes it, based on Google’s… Read more »

Google Says Organic More Important than Paid Ads

Though Google is hot to trot to sell Google Adwords, the company recently provided information that shows, organic SEO is second only to direct referrals (like word of mouth), when it comes to making a purchase decision. Google released some new information on Think Insights called “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase,” and while dentistry… Read more »

FAQs About Dental Blogs

Why blog on a domain that’s not my main website? Many of our client dentists rank multiple times on page one of Google for specific, popular keyword phrases, and we attribute this to not only having a blog, but also making the blog act as a microsite by being on a separate domain. Microsites are becoming intensely popular… Read more »